Dog laying on white and black bedspread with sweet potato treats

5 Ways to Show Your Dog They are Loved

Love is in the air this time of year, but isn’t it always when our dogs are around?  Dogs are always expressing their love for us with extra kisses or just being there at any given moment.  Reciprocate the love by giving your dog some tender, love and care through these recommended activities:

Dog sitting on grass with mahi treats

Take them to a Dog Park

Sometimes, we all need to get out in the fresh air, dogs included.  With so many great parks now-a-days, it is easy to grab a ball and head out to your local one for a great time. This is an opportunity where your dog can play with some new friends and you can also meet some fellow dog lovers. If you have never been to a dog park before, don’t be shy to try one out!  To prepare for your first day of fun at the park, try these tips provided by Krystn Janisse of Homesalive in Canada.

Buy your dog a new treat

Dogs do love all the hugs, snuggles and scratches you can give them but what they also love are treats!  It is that little bit of extra love they feel with when you toss one in their direction, and you can always go the extra mile by making sure the treats you give are good for their overall wellbeing.  There are so many great, healthy and safe treats out on the market today, it would be hard to try them all - even though your dog would be happy to accept the challenge.  Why not try a delicious organic oven-baked dog treat that you can actually share with your dog.  One for them and two for you!

Play a game with your dog

Who didn’t love a good game of hide and seek when you were a kid?  Well guess what?  Dogs love it too and especially when treats are involved!  The game is simple - have your dog wait for you in their crate or the other room and hide some treats around the house.  Once you are ready, let your furry kid out and help them find the first one.  They will catch on quickly and enjoy finding the rest on their own!  From maze bowls to ball pits, dogs love playtime and professional dog trainer, Erin Kramer of Tug Dogs, shares more games that are sure to be a blast!

Dog treats on white plate with vanilla beans and blueberries

Make your dog a special recipe

Like grandma used to say, the best way to a dog’s heart is through their stomach!  And while your dog may already be fascinated by their usual food and treats, you can sprinkle additional love in by whipping up fun recipes while also introducing new ingredients. These fun Watermelon Creamsicles are made with just fresh watermelon, healthy goat’s milk and any of Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Dog Foods.  Your dog will feel warm and fuzzy all over after enjoying one of these.

Dog laying on black and white bed with sweet potato treats

Watch a movie together or binge watch some Netflix

Dogs love either bring your lap or as close to you as they possibly can get.  The love you and also love being with you!  Give your dog the gift of time and pick out your favorite movie or binge-worthy Netflix show and invite them over to enjoy the time with you.  I know it will be enjoyable for you both and especially if it is a dog-flick!

No matter how you chose to love your dog, they will appreciate heeling how much you care.  Dogs are always there for us when we need them, so it’s always nice to look for ways to show how grateful you are for their unconditional love.  Life is just better when we are with our dogs.