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Oct 14, 2019

Did You Know That “How You Feed Your Pet is Just as Important as What You Feed?”


Did you ever wonder why you serve your pet’s food from a bowl?  Convenience? Habit?  Maybe both?  But did you know that how you serve your pet’s food can actually have a significant impact on their health & well-being?

While the bowl may be a convenience for us, it does little to benefit our pets!  They stand very rigid in front of the bowl; sticking their heads into a ‘hole’ which blocks their vision and creates anxiety; inhaling the pile of food in large clumps which leads to poor digestion including gas, regurgitation and even bloat. No mental or physical involvement with their meal.  Done in seconds flat!

There has to be a better way!  So, let’s look at the ancestors of our dogs and cats to understand their natural eating dynamics.  The answers are found in our research on their hunting, instinctive traits and eating patterns in observational data, evaluative studies and programs on wildlife.  After all, nature knows best!

The Original mine Pet Platter was specifically designed to allow pets to eat the way they are meant to –naturally!   The Pet Platter resembles their feeding territory and replicates how they eat in the wild. The Pet Platter allows 360 degree views & movement which gives pets control & reduces anxiety.  They pick up and lick smaller pieces of food which slows down eating & aids digestion.  It engages them to hunt & sniff the foods they choose to eat in order of preference.  Best of all it promotes licking that releases positive endorphins which is rewarding and relaxing. A natural & satisfying meal experience!

Pet parents, veterinarians, trainers and other professionals have reported that The Original mine Pet Platter slows down eating; improves digestion; engages finicky eaters; overcomes food aggression; stops food transfer; increases involvement and stimulates thinking.  And once their pets eat off the Pet Platter, they don’t want to go back to the bowl! 

One important thing to know about slowing down your pet’s eating.  The Pet Platter naturally slows eating without having anything poke into their noses!  Why is this important?  Our pets see their world through their noses and when projectiles hit the nose it can cause frustration & aggression and lead to a negative relationship with food. 

But there’s more!  We’re learning about the importance of the material our serving dishes are made from.  The vast majority of dishes (especially coming from China) are made from recycled plastics and metals which can contain unhealthy and toxic elements that can actually be harmful to your pet.  This is why the Pet Platter is a 100% USA safe material made with plant life that is natural.

Now you can serve your high quality, healthy foods like Grandma Lucy’s in a natural way to truly give your pet the ultimate natural feeding experience!  For more information contact us at