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Nov 21, 2018

Making a Thanksgiving Meal For Your Dog

With all the food going around on Thanksgiving, you may be tempted to give your dog a bite of what you're having. With our Thanksgiving meal guide, you can make your dog their own Thanksgiving meal!


Mashed Potatoes
Let's start off the meal with a holiday favorite - mashed potatoes!
Grandma Lucy's Artisan recipe is made with a potato base and when you whip it up with a fork, you can give it mashed potato-like consistency. 


Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes are a Thanksgiving classic!
Try these Sweet Potato Singles to give your pup this delicious side!
Thanksgiving Stuffing
One more side option before the main course! You can't miss out on stuffing!
This tasty recipe using Grandma Lucy's Artisan Pork Starters is a must!
Thanksgiving Turkey
At last! The main dish we have all been waiting for! Turkey!
Grandma Lucy's Macanna Turkey is the best way to give your pup this holiday treat!
With all these options, your pup will be in heaven! Remember to feed correct portions based on your dog's weight, size, and dietary needs. Your Grandma Lucy's family wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!
Refrain from feeding your pup all these options at once because overfeeding can cause serious harm.