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May 08, 2019

Baby Carl – The Tiniest "RAK Pack" Member

Author: Stacy Bilt
Nutritional Specialist
@Grandma Lucy's

Baby Carl’s start to life has not been a smooth one. He was found on a construction site laying in a heap of garbage and broken concrete. With a very low body temperature and an emaciated weight of 1.5 pounds, he was on the verge of death.


    Baby Carl laying down very emaciated

Luckily for Carl, he received help from several very kind people and a wonderful rescue who saved his life. The two very kind construction workers that found him were worried and wanted to help him. They took him to the shelter where they thought he would get help. What they didn’t know was that he probably would have been euthanized. The construction workers did the right thing, by getting him some help, but most people aren’t aware that many shelters aren’t equipped to handle critical medical cases and will choose to euthanize the animal unless a rescue group steps in.


Baby Carl laying down feeding tube in nose

Luckily, there are many wonderful volunteers at shelter’s that reach out to rescues when they come across animals with special circumstances. One of these volunteers contacted a local rescue, Love Leo Rescue about Carl and they didn’t hesitate to take him in. He went straight to their veterinarian, VCA Animal Specialty & Emergency Center for immediate care.


                                                                                                Ellen Pompeo with Carl in hospital    Oliva Munn holdig Carl in hospital

Carl spent five days in the hospital and had one critical night where it was questioned if he would survive. He needed blood and plasma transfusions and for a few days, a feeding tube. Carl also has an autoimmune illness called puppy strangles. Puppy Strangles is 100% curable with antibiotics and steroids. Even though Carl had so much happening, he showed great improvement and was off to his fabulous foster home.


Carls face sleeping on dogs stomach

While Carl was at the hospital, the founder of Grandma Lucy’s saw his photo and instantly offered to sponsor his food. With Love Leo Rescue being local to the Grandma Lucy’s manufacturing facility in Southern California, the Project Pet RAK coordinator was able to make contact very quickly. Within a day, they made contact and some high-quality Artisan Lamb and Pureformance Fish was on its way and Carl became a member of the RAK Pack!


Carl and big friend laying down heads next to each other close up

Rescues depend solely on donations and veterinarians that offer reduced pricing for the animal’s care. Rescuers can often be heard saying, “it takes a village” when saving animals. Carl has certainly had a wonderful village of kind hearted people and rescuers help him start his second chance at life. Carl even had some celebrity visitors such as Ellen Pompeo and Olivia Munn!!  He is now enjoying all the food he can eat, all the love he deserves and lots of good friends! Thank you, Love Leo Rescue, for saving him!


 Carl in a sling being carried with sunshine


Carl is one of the lucky ones to have so much support and a perfect example of a Grandma Lucy’s Project Pet RAK “RAK Pack” member. The goal of Project Pet RAK isn’t just sponsoring the animals, we hope to help them find their perfect forever homes by sharing their stories and asking you to share them too. If you know of a dog that needs some extra support, please contact


 Carl laying on blanket