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Apr 18, 2019

Helping Dixie Find the Perfect Home

Author: Stacy Bilt
Nutritional Specialist
@Grandma Lucy's

This is the story of a beautiful dog named Dixie, a girl who never gives up and is looking for the perfect forever home. She is a young, beautiful white Pointer mix from Alabama who happens to be paralyzed. Sweet Dixie was shot twice by a human and found in a ditch after waiting 24 hours for someone to help her.



 Dixie smiling on her bed


Dixie needs to put on some lean muscle, so her vet suggested a high-quality food and chose Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Chicken. Rescues operate solely on donations and need as much help as they can get for her care, so Paula reached out to Grandma Lucy’s and asked about a donation to help alleviate the costs of her care. Her email came across the desk of the Grandma Lucy’s Project PetRAK coordinator who found Dixie’s Facebook page and saw the photos of a beautiful dog that refused to give up. Project PetRAK was born out of Grandma Lucy’s founder’s desire to help dogs in need. Dixie will have her food sent to her each month alongside some treats to help with her recovery.



 Dixie laying with her friend


Troy Animal Rescue Project welcomed Dixie into their rescue to care for her needs. When surgery wasn’t an option with their vet, she was transferred to The Society of Humane Friends of Georgia (SOHFGA) who had more resources to help her heal. The vets at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine examined her to determine if surgery could help her regain use of her legs.  It was decided that surgery wasn’t going to help, but that didn’t stop SOHFGA. They were determined to offer her every opportunity to prove the doctors wrong.



 Dixie swimming in the pool for water therapy


Despite her injuries, Dixie isn’t in any pain and is a very happy girl full of love! She landed in the very capable hands of her foster mom, Paula. Paula does everything in her power to help get Dixie all the treatments she needs in order to become as independent as possible. Each week she attends aqua therapy to help build muscle and flexibility and acupuncture to help stimulate nerve regeneration. The injury also left Dixie incontinent, which requires her to need diapers and manual expression of her bladder and bowls four times a day to keep her clean and infection free.



 Dixie in her wheelchair cart


Being paralyzed doesn’t slow Dixie down. She zips around in her custom wheelchair, donated by K9 Karts and scoots around independently in her Drag Bag, which gives her the freedom to move around without injury to her back legs and skin.

Dixie is very happy, full of love, gets along with her foster siblings, loves kids, is so gentle and will always bring a smile to your face. She can be seen sitting with her back legs crossed like a proper lady, letting her foster know it is time for breakfast, getting excited to see cats on her walks, and her back legs have begun moving a bit!

Please share Dixie and her story far and wide and follow her on her own Facebook page.

She deserves to find her forever home and we hope that happens soon! If you think Dixie would be a beautiful member of your forever family, please contact The Society of Humane Friends of Georgia at



 Dixie sitting with legs crossed


Dixie is one of the lucky ones to have so much support and a perfect example of a Grandma Lucy’s Project PetRAK Rak Pack member. The goal of Project PetRAK isn’t just sponsoring the animals, we hope to help them find their perfect forever homes by sharing their stories and asking you to share them too. If you know of a dog that needs some extra support, please contact



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