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Jun 12, 2019

Introducing Thomas – the Newest “RAK Pack” Member

Author: Stacy Bilt
Nutritional Specialist
@Grandma Lucy's


Grandma Lucy’s is proud to present the newest member of the Project Pet RAK “RAK Pack”, handsome Thomas. His life didn’t start out the way he deserved, and it’s been very hard, but thankfully his life has changed thanks to Love Leo Rescue.


Emaciated Thomas being cut loose from the chain he was on

Thomas was found attached to a chain in Tijuana. He had been kept on that chain his entire life and had pressure sores all over his body from sleeping on concrete. When he was discovered, he was severely emaciated and only half his healthy body weight and the pressure sores were also infected. Due to the severe neglect he suffered, he needed blood transfusions and critical medical care to stay alive.


 Back view of Thomas skin and bones

Luckily, he was brought to the attention of Love Leo Rescue located in Santa Monica and they immediately took him into their care. Thomas was so sick, he was not stable enough to be transported to California, so he received his medical care in Mexico and Love Leo covered all the costs. Once he was healthy enough to travel, he joined his rescue in Santa Monica where he continued to thrive and discovered his favorite food is Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Chicken.


 Thomas smiling with Rumer Willis and an insert photo of him emaciated

With good food, medical care and lots of love, Thomas has gained weight and his wounds are continuing to heal. He is very happy with a sunny disposition and is so gentle when he takes treats. He loves his walks is great on leash and is very affectionate with everyone he meets. Thomas is currently in boarding where he gets daily walks and lots of love and even sometimes a special visitor! But a foster or forever home would be ideal for him to share his love and smiles with.


 Thomas standing and smiling

Because he was on a chain for his entire life, Thomas is still learning what it is like to be a dog. Because of this he needs a foster or forever parent that will be patient and understand that he was stuck in a junkyard and has some catching up to do. He is an energetic, affectionate 60-pound boy who is full of love and has the biggest smile every day!


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