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Oct 13, 2017

Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Dogs!

Author: Jorge Munoz
Social Media and Marketing
Grandma Lucy's

Halloween is the perfect time for us to dress up in fun costumes and be something we normally aren't. With all the vast options on the market, our pups can now join in on the fun! We scoured social media to find some of our favorite dog costumes, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


1. A duo dressed as your favorite fast food items! Pictured: Ben and Han Solo.


pugs dressed as a burger and french friescredit: @thepug_hansolo

2. A sea worthy sailor! Pictured: Mr. Po


Mr. Po the chihuahua dressed as a sailor

Credit: @mr_po_dogue

3. A cute crustacean! Pictured: Mako


Mako the maltese lobsterCredit: @Makotobar

4. A classic pumpkin Halloween costume! Pictured: Coco


pup dressed as a pumpkin  Credit: Sharon Elliot

5. An adorable bumble bee! Pictured: Penny


Penny as a bumble bee  Credit: @pennysloves