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Products Used: Pureformance Rabbit, Pureformance Goat, Organic Treats


Our Bernese Dog, Shadow, was going through a tough time with a shoulder injury and skin irritation caused by allergies. We took her to several vets and specialists. Our options for the shoulder were that she have surgery or we give her time to heal, help her lose weight and gradually increase her exercise. For the allergies, it was suggested we switch foods to a grain free food with an uncommon protein. We chose to see if time and a change in diet would help her so we switched to Grandma Lucy’s Performance Dog Food – we’ve fed her both goat and rabbit. She has lost weight, has a beautiful coat and is walking limp free. And she loves it!!! We are so thankful to have switched to Grandma Lucy’s. Thank you Grandma Lucy’s!!!


Products Used: Organic Oven-Baked Treats


The human taste-test revealed Grandma Lucy’s Organic Oven Baked Dog
Treats to be quite tasty. No wonder Cory and Cole could not get enough of
these little teddy-bear shaped biscuits. Also, one of the mantras of Grandma
Lucy’s includes, If it is not good enough for humans to eat, it will never be
included in our food or treats.


Products Used: Organic Oven-Baked Treats


Princess Peach, the picky rescue dog who refuses to eat a whole meal in one sitting – gobbled down Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance. I like that it is easy to make and store – instead of finding somewhere to put a huge bag of food (space is at a premium here) I can put this little bag in my pantry. Peaches loves how it smells and it looks like real food. I’m not sure who’s happier – her with the full belly or me feeling reassured that she’ll eat a full meal. Either way, two paws up for this food! It’s also a really good deal!


Products Used: Artisan


My almost 15 year old cockapoo recently was VERY SICK. He did not want to eat. After blood work, x-rays, ultrasound and exploratory surgery we believe it was just a bad GI Ulcer. He is doing better now, but still is being fussy about eating. Your treats are the ONLY thing he will consistently eat. The organic blueberry are his favorite. In the morning when he will eat nothing, if I give him few blueberry treats…he will take them. This is a lifesaver for me as if I don’t get something in his stomach he will get sick and vomit because his stomach is empty. I’ve tried reasoning with him that if he eats, he won’t get sick but that doesn’t seem to be working. So he gets his Grandma Lucy’s blueberry cookies until he decides he wants to eat. Somedays he gets them most of the day!
Thank you so much for having a healthy treat that he will eat!


Products Used: Artisan, Pureformance, Valor


Thank you so much for taking the time, your heartfelt recommendations, and the samples. Rosie LOVES Grandma Lucy’s!!! It has made a visible difference in her in more ways than one. I hope it also impacts her kidneys the same way. Your red carpet level of service coupled with world class products is the recipe for success! You are personally changing pets and people’s lives. Good for you and good for all of us!


Products Used: Artisan Lamb


Drake wants to thank Grandma Lucy’s for the awesome food!!! Ever since he was a puppy he has never shown interest in his food and would often skip meals. We bought your product a month ago and he goes crazy every time I fix it and his coat is so soft and shiny now! Our other dog has lost a few pounds on it and she looks so athletic now! Thanks for the great product!!”


Products Used: Artisan, Singles


Jameson can’t get enough of Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Chicken. We are constantly asked what we feed him because his coat is so shiny. Friends have commented on how much more healthy he looks. He has his beach body which is perfect since summer is right around the corner ; ) not to mention his poops are much smaller, can’t complain about that!! The best thing about Jameson eating Grandma Lucy’s is that we haven’t had to make a trip to the vet since we have switched him over. Our dog is healthier than a horse. Thanks Grandma Lucy’s!


Products Used: Freeze-Dried Sweet Potatoes


Today I purchased your Freeze Dried Sweet Potatoes and had to write to tell you how pleased we are with them. My Husky, Bailey is allergic to just about everything. It took us a year of vet visits and experimenting to finally come up with the food he now eats. The only treat he can handle are pure lamb sticks and they are pretty costly. He has a bad digestive system and the lamb and his
dry food is all he ever gets. If he has anything with any additives, he is messed up for several days. I was so happy to find your bite size pure sweet potatoes!!! Now he has a new treat to enjoy and they last a long time!! I hope to try some of your other products as well. Thanks for thinking of those ‘special needs’ babies out there!!!


Products Used: Pureformance Rabbit


I stumbled upon your Pureformance Rabbit formula while visiting Scraps Dog Bakery & Boutique in Seattle. My Shih Tzu suffers terribly from allergies and this is the first commercial dog food that I found that he can eat. I love the smell (like homemade stew), the texture, the fact that the food is not green and won’t stain facial hair and the quality ingredients! Thank you so much Eric and Breann for making an absolutely fantastic product! And thank you for your great customer service (Sharla) too! BTW – my Tzu loves the food too


Products Used: Artisan, Pureformance, Valor


Cain is an 8-year-old Great Dane who, despite having an eye removed due to a tumor, is still competing in dock diving — fueled by Grandma Lucy’s!


Products Used: Pureformance Rabbit, Lamb, Goat, Organic Treats


In August 2012, I had ventured into an independent pet store in San Diego and saw the your food sitting on a shelf. It caught my attention and I remember not caring how much it cost, I then made my every effort to switch her to Pureformance. This is my go to blend and Rabbit is one of my favorite proteins for her. It is so cute watching her drool, I almost feel horrible when it happens!
My only problem is she inhales her food within 20 seconds. But I feel good feeding her either Goat, Lamb and Rabbit! I haven’t tried other blends such as Valor or Artisan, but your teddy bear treats are very cool. She will be getting a bath tonight because she ended up initiating a conga line at the dog park today, and she will sleep soundly tonight on a full belly of Pureformance Goat! Thanks for providing me with an exceptional source of nutrition for my child with paws!

P.S. what stood out for me was the pretty packaging and the fact it was 51 lbs. of yummy bunny!!


Products Used: Organic Oven-Baked Treats


Not only dogs love your treats.


Products Used: Artisan Chicken


This is the best dog food out there. My daughter researched for weeks. We have finally settled on Grandma Lucy’s chicken with potatoes etc. Our two pugs absolutely love it. Thank you to Grandma Lucy’s for making a very high quality food. Our dogs are a very special part of our family and deserve the very best.


Products Used: Artisan


I have two dogs, both rescues, a chocolate toy poodle (Shilah) and a dachshund/beagle/yorkie mix (Tucker). About a week ago, Tucker stopped eating his raw food completely. His coat started falling out, he was lethargic, and started vomiting white foam on the fourth day of his hunger strike. I called my holistic veterinarian, and he explained that the raw food is just too cold for him when it is this hot outside right now. He suggested trying something warmer, and that was when I moved to Grandma Lucy’s. We are now feeding either Artisan alone when we’re at work or mixing it with some Primal when we’re home, and they are both eating beautifully! Tucker’s fur stopped falling out, he’s running around and is completely back to normal, thanks to your food! THANK YOU for getting King Tuk healthy again, and giving Cocoa Puff something different that she absolutely loves!


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