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Since the water and oxygen have been removed from freeze-dried food it does not require refrigeration when stored and is; therefore, considered to be “shelf stable” or safe to store at room temperature for long periods of time.

The main source of weight in food is the water it contains. All fresh foods contain water; however, once the water has been removed, the weight can be reduced by as much as 70% - 90%. For example: a package containing one pound of frozen cooked chicken will weigh a mere 4 ounces once freeze-dried. Now that’s a significant reduction in weight!

Freeze-dried foods are very moisture sensitive; therefore, they will rehydrate in a matter of minutes when added to warm/hot water. Many freeze-dried items can be reconstituted with cold water as well, but may take longer to achieve their full moisture level. Unlike dehydrated food, most freeze-dried fruits, vegetables and meat can be eaten raw (without adding any water) and usually have the crispy texture of a chip.

Freeze-drying uses very low levels of heat so most food closely retains the taste, texture and aroma of its fresh counterpart. Most people believe that the flavor of freeze-dried foods are superior to dehydrated. Unlike dehydrated foods which require total meal preparation, soaking, mixing, cooking and much more clean-up, FREEZE-DRIED foods require NO-COOKING, NO-PREPARATION and little, if any, clean-up which makes them ideal. Just add hot water (cold in a pinch), wait 3-5 minutes and serve.


Our ingredients and philosophy have not changed since we began in 1999. We remain committed to using the highest quality ingredients from trusted suppliers. Safety, quality and only the best for our pets has remained our priority. Grandma Lucy’s provides you with pet food and treats you can trust and feel comfortable feeding to your pets because we are just like you, concerned and loving parents. We thank everyone for their support over the years and promise to continue to bring you only the best!

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Eric & Breann Shook

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