What is #ProjectPetRAK
Since the start of Grandma Lucy’s in 1999, it has been our passion to provide pets the healthiest life possible. ProjectPetRAK, which is short for Random Acts of Kindness, is our charitable initiative that allows us to give back to animal communities across the nation. We partner with 501(c)(3) organizations who have a passion for service dogs and the individuals those dogs help to give more freedom and safety to. These people have a special place in our hearts and we are so grateful to be able to bring healthy meals to their remarkable support dogs while spreading some kindness along the way. Learn More
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Little Angel Service Dogs 

Little Angels Service Dogs is a 501c3 non-profit established in 2006. They train and place fully prepped service dogs with approved disabled recipients, both children and adults. They provide assistance with disabilities such as Autism, hearing impairment, mobility issues, psychiatric needs and seizure alerts. As an Assistance Dogs International accredited organization, their training practices are held to a high standard. Their dogs go through a three-phase training course before they are ready to service someone with a disability and help regain their independence. It is with this dedication to their recipients and their dogs that Little Angels Service Dogs are able to change lives, one dog at a time. Learn more at https://www.littleangelsservicedogs.org/

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Are there additional ways I can help these amazing organizations? 

Grandma Lucy’s Purchases - 

Grandma Lucy’s is grateful to be able to provide food to these special animals every day. With the purchase of each Grandma Lucy’s product, we are able to donate meals to a service dog. 

 Social Media - 

We will also be raising meal donations on our social media platforms. You will be able to help raise donations by sharing our post featuring the organization or going directly to their page and sharing any of their posts. Be sure to check back often so we can help them earn even more! We thank you for your support and together we are making a difference!