Family Values

Who is Grandma Lucy’s you may ask?

We are a company that cares.  We care about pets.  We care about nutrition.  We care about ingredients.  We care about giving and we care about getting it all done right.

Pets First Banner

We are pet people... who put pets first in all we do.


Our founders, Eric and Breann Shook, started as many of you, concerned pet parents. They wanted the best for Lucy and have worked hard to create healthy recipes to ensure a long and healthy life for our pets. The needs of our pets are what drives our goals and leads the design of our recipes to create food solutions people love and trust. 
Think Big. Stay Small.

We pour our heart and soul into each pet's bowl


We pour our heart and soul into each pet’s bowl… by thinking about the big picture but staying small and family owned to get it done right. When we started out, the pet food solutions Eric and Breann were looking for did not exist so they invented it. The quality of ingredients they used were not being used in pet food. Grandma Lucy’s never gives up in the pursuit delivering the best pet food available and, still to this day, we take great pride in owning our own facility which gives us total control of our processes from start to finish.
Solution-Based Feeding

We are passionate about food solutions...


We are passionate about food solutions… because we believe a remedy to many common ailments such as itchy skin and red paws or ears can be found by simply changing a pet’s diet. Grandma Lucy’s believes that a healthy pet starts with a healthy food. We strive to improve pets’ lives through solution-based feeding which is why every single ingredient is chosen with a specific purpose in mind. All of these superfoods create recipes filled with benefits so your pet can eat their way to health. 
Spreading the Love

We believe in giving back...


We believe in giving back… to pets that bring so much love and support to our lives. Pets are always there for us when we need them which is why they deserve so much. As an independently owned business, we have the freedom to support pets we believe are in need. Giving back is so important to us and we want to share that passion and feeling of giving with you. With every purchase of Grandma Lucy’s you make, we are able to donate meals to pets in need. Thank you for your support and together we are making a difference.