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Are your products made in the USA?

All our freeze-dried foods and treats are made in our Rancho Santa Margarita, California facility and we wouldn’t have them made anywhere else! This allows us to keep a close eye on production and keep the costs down by not involving third- party manufacturers. When we started back in 1999, Eric and Breann rented a small unit in Aliso Viejo, CA to make their amazing treats. They transferred their 900 square feet of space into a California Certified Human Kitchen where they hand-rolled their meatball dog treats. They purchased a small freeze-drier that was older than Breann. Oh, how we have grown from those days! We take great pride in owning our own facility which gives us total control of our processes from start to finish.

Are your products wheat-free/grain-free?

All of our freeze-dried products are wheat-free. Our Artisan foods, Pureformance foods, Valor foods, Macanna foods, Singles Pet Treats and Freeze-Dried Sweet Potatoes are grain-free.

Has Grandma Lucy's ever been involved in a recall?

No we have not. We work closely with our suppliers to insure all of our ingredients are of the highest quality. During the kibble recalls of 2007, we had many panicked customers calling us to ask if they could feed our treats as their pet’s sole diet. They had trusted our product over the years and knew they are made with only the highest-quality, human-grade ingredients. We quickly began to develop a balanced diet for both dogs and cats. Our goal was to create a food that is simple to use, made with only high-quality ingredients, one with an appetizing consistency and that was reasonably priced. We worked with veterinarians and nutritionists to use the same high-quality ingredients already in our treats to produce a simple and balanced diet for all life stages.

Where did the name Grandma Lucy’s come from?

We started as many of you, concerned pet parents. At the time, Lucy our English Cocker Spaniel, was 11 years old and becoming extremely picky about what she would eat. We tried most treats on the market looking for one that was not only safe and healthy, but one that Lucy would eat. After little or no success, we began reading about what was in pet food and treats. We were surprised to find out the inferior quality of ingredients that are typically used in pet food products. As a result of these findings we began to home cook Lucy’s meals and treats. Surprisingly for a dog that had become very picky, she loved her home cooked meals and treats. The next step seemed natural; we wanted to be able to offer to others the healthy and safe treats we were cooking for Lucy.
Our ingredients and philosophy have not changed since we began in 1999. We remain committed to using only human-grade ingredients. We know that not everyone has time to cook for their pets as they wish they could. Grandma Lucy’s provides you with food and treats you trust and feel comfortable feeding to your pets because we are just like you, concerned and loving pet parents.

Do you guarantee all of your products?

Customer 100% Product Guarantee: We are confident that your pet will enjoy our pet food and treats. For this reason, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you need to return any pet food or treats, you can return them to the store where they were purchased. Depending on the store’s return policy, you can get a refund of your purchase price, a store credit, or replacement for another product.

What is the shelf life of your products?

All of our freeze-dried products have a non-refrigerated shelf-life of 18 months. Our Organic Treats have a shelf-life of 12 months.

How can I find a store in my area that carries your products?

You can find a list of stores by entering your zip code in our Store Locator page. We have approximately 25 distributors in the U.S. and Canada that sell to independent pet specialty stores. If you would like your favorite pet store to carry the Grandma Lucy’s brand please either email or call us at (800) 906-5829 with the store’s information and we will do our best to handle this for you. If you are unable to find a retailer near you, you can also order on our website.

Are your bags BPA free?

All Grandma Lucy’s packaging is BPA free.

How much food does each bag of Grandma Lucy’s pet food make?

ARTISAN: 3lb bag = 15lbs of fresh food / 8lb bag = 40lbs of fresh food / 10lb bag = 50lbs of fresh food
PUREFORMANCE: 3lb bag = 14lbs of fresh food / 8lb bag = 36lbs of fresh food / 10lb bag = 46lbs of fresh food
MACANNA: 3lb bag = 15lbs of fresh food
VALOR: 3lb bag = 17lbs of fresh food / 10lb bag = 55lbs of fresh food

How much food do I feed my dog/cat?

All of our recommended feeding guidelines are listed on the food bags themselves and on our website. Each recipe is different and based on the daily calorie requirement for each dog’s age, weight and activity level. The daily amounts listed can be divided into multiple feedings throughout the day.

How long does a bag of food last?

Each recipe has a different calorie content and each dog has different food requirements but to give an example, a 10# bag of our ARTISAN Chicken Dog Food will last a 30# dog almost one month.

What is the difference between freeze-dried and dehydrated?

FREEZE-DRIED: Freeze-dried food is fresh or cooked foods that have been frozen then had the water removed. The result is a light-weight, fresh appearing and tasting preserved food that can be rehydrated with a minimum amount of water.
The process involves freezing a fresh food (fruit, dairy, vegetable, cooked meat or fish) in a special freeze-drying chamber, then removing the water by quickly changing the chamber’s pressure and temperature. This causes the water in the food to change from a solid to a gas without ever changing back into a liquid. This “quick change” preserves the cell structure of the food without compromising vitamins, nutrients, color or aroma.
DEHYDRATION: Dehydration is the process of removing water by using heat and moving air.
There are two problems with this approach. First, it’s difficult to remove water completely using evaporation because most of the water isn’t directly exposed to air. Generally, dehydrating only removes 90 to 95 percent of the water, which will certainly slow down bacteria and enzyme activity, but won’t stop it completely. Secondly, the heat involved in the evaporation process significantly changes the shape, texture and composition of the material, in the same way that heat in an oven changes food. Heat energy facilitates chemical reactions in the food that change its overall form, taste, smell or appearance. This is the fundamental purpose of cooking. Dehydrated foods generally require more rehydration time than freeze-dried foods. We recommend visiting Our Process page for more information on how we freeze-dry all of our foods and treats.

What are the differences between Artisan, Pureformance, Valor and Macanna foods?

Artisan is a grain-free diet and comes in varieties such as chicken, lamb, pork, venison, bison and pre-mix and is blended with potatoes, flax, vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals.

Pureformance has a low glycemic index with the inclusion of chickpeas blended with our fresh meats, vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals. Choose from chicken, lamb, rabbit, goat, fish or pre-mix.

Valor is made with the superfood quinoa and comes in such proteins as chicken, fish and turkey.

Macanna is an anti-inflammatory food made with pinto beans, hemp hearts, coconut, kale and turmeric. Choose between Beef, Salmon or Pre-mix.

What is the consistency of your food?

Another very important aspect of our food is its consistency. During development, we wanted to be sure that our food resembled a diet you would make for your pets at home if you had the time. It needed to be hearty and more like stew instead of a soup-like mixture. The only way to achieve this was by utilizing our freeze-drying technology. Using dehydrated ingredients would have forced us to completely grind up our ingredients to assure rehydration. Freeze-dried foods can be easily rehydrated with warm water in a short amount of time, keeping the food simple and convenient. The freeze-drying process also locks in all the natural flavors and nutrients without the use of preservatives giving it an extended shelf-life without the use of refrigeration.

Sometimes the carrots come out whole in a dog’s stool. How come?

Our carrots are blanched prior to drying to improve digestibility. Carrots are a nutrient rich vegetable that add antioxidants and insoluble and soluble fiber that promote intestinal health. Cooking vegetables supplies more antioxidants and helps with absorption. The digestive process begins with chewing the food and since dogs don’t always completely chew their food, some vegetables may slip through prior to being completely digested. This is why we chose to slightly cook the vegetables prior to drying to make sure they are still receiving all the health benefits.

Are Grandma Lucy’s foods low in Phosphorus?

Yes – this makes it a great alternative for dogs with kidney problems. Kidneys help regulate the phosphorus levels in your pet’s blood. If their kidneys are having a difficult time, your veterinarian may ask you to start feeding a low-phosphorus diet.

Are your minerals chelated?

Chelated supplements are great options for humans, however our research shows there is little difference in the absorption between chelated and non-chelated supplements for animals and pets. So in an effort to keep the cost of our formulas at the best price, we source high-quality human-grade supplements for our food.

What are the benefits of garlic to dogs?

Garlic has come under attack. This is primarily because of garlic's close cousin onion's reputation for triggering hemolytic or "Heinz factor" anemia. With onions, due to its concentration of thiosulphate, a single generous serving can cause this reaction. Garlic simply DOES NOT CONTAIN THE SAME CONCENTRATION of this compound. In fact, it is barely traceable.

Garlic has many benefits to dogs with cancer, diabetes, liver, heart and kidney disease, uncontrollable staph infections and a host of other conditions but is also incredible anti-parasitic properties making it a great flea repellent. It tastes great too!

The amount of Garlic we put in our food is minimal. There are 2 tsp. per 3 pound bag and 8 tsp per 8 and 10 pound bags. Pureformance Fish and the Macanna line do not have Garlic in them.

Where are your ingredients sourced?

All of our ingredients are “human-grade” which means we buy all our raw ingredients from the same food suppliers as your favorite restaurants and markets. This is the whole reason Grandma Lucy’s began almost 17 years ago. The Shooks read about what type of ingredients were used in pet foods (feed quality ingredients) and couldn’t imagine feeding such inferior foods to their pet, Lucy! She wasn’t a farm animal- she was a member of the family. We want nothing less for your furry kids as well. We constantly search for the best possible ingredients available. We do our best to source all our ingredients locally, but sometimes the best ingredients are located in other small farms across the globe. Over 87% of our ingredients are grown domestically and the others are from special suppliers in countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Please look at our sourcing map for a complete list of all our amazing ingredients

What steps have you taken to assure all ingredients are safe?

We remain committed to using only human-grade ingredients. We have had all the suppliers we purchase from have sign vendor promises to ensure the following:

  • Ingredients are of human grade quality
  • What the ingredient’s country of origin is
  • Ingredient is free of chemicals and preservatives
  • Ingredient is tested for e-coli, salmonella, coliform, lead, arsenic, mercury and melamine in accordance with human food safety standards
  • Non-GMO ingredients only
All ingredients are brought in small batches to ensure the freshest possible ingredients. Once they are received, we have SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) in place to ensure all ingredients are stored and processed properly.


Are your Chickpeas, Potato Flakes and Quinoa cooked?

Our legumes, potatoes and quinoa undergo a propriety process to create a highly nutritious dried flake. This distinct slow drying method allows the whole ingredient to be incorporated, which provides more fiber. This process eliminates the need for additives or preservatives while maintaining the integrity, look, smell, and nutrition of these staple foods. The result produces a soft, light, whole flake with texture and nutrition for simple preparation and feeding.

Are your vegetables cooked?

Our vegetables are blanched prior to drying to improve digestibility. Cooking vegetables is proven to aid in digestibility while supplying more antioxidants and helps with absorption. The digestive process begins with chewing the food and since dogs don’t always completely chew their food, some vegetables may slip through prior to being completely digested which is why we chose to slightly cook the vegetables prior to drying.

Are your meats pasture raised or organic? Is all your fish wild caught?

Our goat and lamb are pasture raised. Rabbit, venison, and chicken are farm raised. All our meats are of the highest quality and are USDA inspected. They're all natural, GMO-Free, have no by-products, and no preservatives, but are not certified organic. We also have a check process for each supplier to ensure that the animals are humanely raised and treated. Most of the farms we source from are smaller independent owners, which allows us to know more about the quality of the meats we use. Yes, all fish is wild caught.

Is your meat hormone free?

Yes. This is part of the vendor promise we require all our suppliers to sign stating that there are no added hormones. Some hormones are naturally occurring in all meats.

Do Grandma Lucy’s products contain by-products or meat meals?

No. All our meat is lean muscle meat.

How do I read the expiration date on your organic oven-baked dog treats?

There is a 5 digit code and time stamp on each bag of organic packaging. The first two numbers of the 5 digit code represent the year they were made and the last 3 numbers represent the day they were made. These treats expire 1 year from the date of manufacturing.
Example: A package with a 5 digit code of 12089.
The first two numbers “12” show that the product was made in 2012.
The next three numbers “089” show that they were made on the 89th day of the year which falls in March.
This example shows that the product will expire in March 2013.
Note: A easy way to calculate the month is to take the last three numbers and divide by 30, since there are 30 days in a month on average.

How many treats are in your organic oven-baked dog treats?

There are 14oz of treats in every organic bag, which comes out to approximately 100 treats.

Are the organic treats wheat-free?

The majority of our organic treats contain organic wheat flour and are therefore not wheat-free. However, our newest recipe, Organic Coconut, is made with organic oat flour and is wheat-free.

How many calories are in each organic treat?

There are approximately 15 calories per treat.

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The majority of our retail orders are sent UPS with a small amount being sent via USPS.

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We ship via United States Postal Service USPS and would be happy to send you a quote prior to shipping your order.

Sales Tax:

All orders with California will be charged 7.75% sales tax.

Turnaround Times:

All retail orders should ship with 2-5 business days. You will be notified if there is a delay with your order. Lead times on wholesale orders can vary depending on order size, product availability and time of year. We recommend contacting your Grandma Lucy’s representative for further explanation.

Finding our products in a store near you:

We have amazing independent retailers throughout the country. All products sold on our site have fixed shipping costs, so in many cases you will be able to find our products at a lower price through one of our Authorized Dealers. For a list of stores that carry our products near you, visit our Store Locator page.

Customer 100% Product Guarantee:

We are confident that your pet will enjoy our pet food and treats. For this reason, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you need to return any pet food or treats, you can return them to the store where they were purchased. Depending on the store’s return policy, you can get a refund of your purchase price, a store credit, or replacement for another product. Refer to return policy for specifics on 10# or 8# bags. If the product was purchased directly from Grandma Lucy’s, please call or e-mail us to obtain a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). Return shipping is not included and all returns must be made within 30 days of purchase. Return of half full or empty packaging will not be accepted. This should never be an issue as we are sure your pet will love Grandma Lucy’s!