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Eric & Breann Shook

Natural Nutrition

Our natural nutrition provides the benefits of better digestion, more energy, and delicious taste and texture.

Minimally Processed

All Grandma Lucy's products are minimally processed, retaining the cell structure of our ingredints without compromising vitamins, nutrients, color or aroma.

Freeze Dried

Our gentle freeze-drying process removes 92% of the water contained in our ingredients, leaving a food that is lightweight, compact, shelf-stable and preservative-free.


All our food formulas are grain-free, which are great for pets with food sensitivities. Grandma Lucy's provides natural nutrients, just as Mother Nature intended.

Whole Food Ingredients

We use natural, whole ingredients in all of our foods and treats, no meat meals or by-products. This ensures that every bite your pet takes is full of whole food nutrition.

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Eric & Breann Shook