Meet the Shooks


Eric Shook

Chief Problem Solver

When we began Grandma Lucy’s, we had to teach ourselves quite a bit as we started our business completely from scratch. Breann and I have always chosen to split the tasks over the years. When we needed a website, I taught myself how to build a website. When we needed product packaging, I taught myself how to do graphic design. The most important component of Grandma Lucy’s I needed to learn was the art of freeze-drying. Rather than outsourcing production, we were committed to keeping all aspects of our freeze-drying production in-house. Our first freeze-dryer was older than both Breann and I, so it took a lot of time and adjustments. I have worked with many of the most talented technicians over the years to perfect the art of freeze-drying to ensure we are bringing the best possible products to pet owners. I continue to solve problems here and make our dreams come true.

  • First Dog – Champ
  • Woodworker,
  • Graphics Ninja,
  • Craft Beer Drinker


Breann Shook

Chief Visionary

Hi there! When I was young, while many of my friends were playing with Barbies or Cabbage Patch Dolls, I had my dad’s old brief case out to use while I was running my own “business.” Complete with my own hand made business cards, I would hold meetings and write up memos. It was always a dream of mine to start a company of my own involving one of my other loves, pets. After finding a treat that Lucy loved, I knew this was it so I immediately began brainstorming and writing a business plan. It was the beginning of me and my big ideas and it all took off from there. While going to college during the day, I would reach out to potential customers, create marketing materials, and input orders. Eric would load up his car and drive anywhere from Los Angeles down to San Diego to visit stores and to place product. At night, we would bribe our friends with pizza and beer to help us hand roll our meatball dog treats so we could get them in the freeze-dryer for packing the next day. It was a lot, but we would not change a minute of it. I still have about 5 new ideas a day and everyone’s favorite thing to hear me say in the office is, “I have an idea!” From our staff to our retailers and customers, I am so grateful to all of them for their support over the years in making my childhood dream a reality.

  • First Dog – Lucy
  • Halloween Lover,
  • Infinite Idea Creator,
  • Powered by Coffee & Wine
  • (you know… because we have 3 kids and a business)