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What is #ProjectPetRAK?

It is our passion for giving pets the healthiest life possible that has driven us to design and create our Grandma Lucy’s products since 1999. With that same drive, Grandma Lucy’s created #ProjectPetRAK, a charitable initiative that allows us to give back to animal communities across the nation. Each month, we partner with a different retailer and a 501 (c)(3) rescue, shelter, or charity to promote kindness to animals and facilitate donations through Grandma Lucy’s. We strive to provide healthy products to all pets, regardless of where they call home!

How can I help? ProjectPetRAK overview

Random Acts of Kindness come in different forms! Many of the things that volunteers do on a daily basis are perfect examples of RAKS!

  1. You can walk a rescue dog or neighbor’s dog
  2. Bathe a rescue or neighbor’s dog
  3. Help coordinate a rescue event
  4. Help someone with their pet
  5. Donate to a rescue
  6. Help an animal in need
  7. Foster a pup
  8. Teach your friends about healthier pet diets
  9. Buy a dog treat for the person behind you in line at your local pet store and hope they return the favor to the person behind them
  10. Bring extra water to your dog park on a hot day to share with others
  11. Donate blankets or towels to your local pet shelter
  12. Leave a small treat on your neighbor’s doorstep for their pet to enjoy
  13. Play catch with an elderly friend or neighbor’s dog
  14. Have your scout troop make braided, fleece dog toys for a dog rescue group
  15. Have a ball drive at your office and collect tennis balls for a shelter of your choice
  16. Leave some balls at your local dog park for others to enjoy
  17. Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog one day while they are at work
  18. The possibilities are endless!

RAK overview
How can I nominate a pet charity, rescue or shelter to receive Project Pet Rak earned food?

If you have a favorite pet charity, rescue group or animal shelter you would like to see as the #ProjectPetRAK of the month recipient, please email us at There will be a new charity announced every month and they will be able to receive up to 350 pounds of food for the months’ worth of Pet RAKs. Once selected, be sure to tag them in your posts so they are sure to get your Pet RAK food!

Facebook Charities
charities will be updated monthly on our facebook page