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Whole behind every bite

The foundation of outstanding food rests in the ingredients. Grandma Lucy’s uses whole ingredients in all of our foods and treats. We do not use any meals or by-products, only ingredients you could buy at your local farmer’s market. This ensures that every bite your pet takes is full of whole food nutrition.

Long-Term Partnerships

Grandma Lucy’s is what it is today due to our dedicated ingredient farmers and suppliers. Many of our partners have been a part of the Grandma Lucy’s family since we started in 1999. Whenever we are looking to find a new supplier, we look for the best possible ingredients to ensure safety and quality, not the least expensive.

Quality You Trust

Grandma Lucy’s requires all of our suppliers to sign a Vendor Promise stating the following: Ingredients are high quality; the ingredient’s country of origin; they are free of chemicals and preservatives; each batch is tested for salmonella, lead, e-coli, mercury, arsenic, coliform and melamine and that the ingredient is GMO free. It is our core focus to assure that all of the ingredients we use are the best available.