10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Dog Mom in Your Life

10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Dog Mom in Your Life

•	Alex and Ani charm bracelet on women’s arm with pink sweater.

1. Alex and Ani “I’m a dog mom” Charm Bangle

Showcase that dog mom status with this super cute and stylish charm bracelet from Alex and Ani. Available in silver, this charm bracelet will match any outfit and can be worn alone or stacked with other bracelets. For all those Mean Girls fans out there the charm even says, “I’m not a regular mom I am a dog mom”. 

•	Bark Babes tie dye women’s tee shirt.

2. Bark Babes Dog Mom Apparel

Every proud dog mom wants the world to know and what better way to show it off then with a t-shirt?! “Magical tees for the modern dog lover”. These high-quality shirts are handmade in Dayton, Ohio. The perfect gift for every dog mom! Whether it is shirt that says, “dogs and naps”, “cool dog mom” or “hippie vibes and doggie tribes” you can find the best shirt to match the unique style of any dog mom. 

•	Bernese mountain dog puppy laying on blanket next to Grandma Lucy’s dog treats

3. Grandma Lucy’s Organic Oven Baked Treats

Grandma Lucy’s Organic Oven Baked Dog Treats are USDA certified organic, kosher, and vegetarian. They are great for training and can easily be broken into smaller pieces. These treats come in a variety of scrumptious flavors like pumpkin, blueberry, cranberry, apple, lemon honey, and banana and sweet potato. They are also made in a human grade bakery so this is a treat both dog mom and their furry friend can both enjoy!

•	Women wearing sunglasses and carrying white ‘dog mom’ tote bag

4. Pawz Full Time Dog Mom Tote

If the opportunity to be a full-time stay at home dog mom presented itself, you better bet I would take it! But until that happens this tote is the best option. Made with high quality 100% canvas, this tote is the perfect accessory to carry all your furry friend essentials for a day out, but is also cute enough to use for your everyday errands! Pawz also donates 10% off all profits to no kill shelters. 

Dog wearing bandana laying on dazy dog bed.

5. Dazy Dog Bed

One of the best ways to spoil a dog mom is through her dog. Dazy Dog beds are made of luxury memory foam with headrests on all sides of the bed. The memory foam is made up of layers with comfort cushion on the top layer. Each bed includes a removable and washable outer cover. With how soft and comfortable this bed is I have a feeling not only the dogs will be sleeping on it… 

French Bulldog sitting with portrait of himself dressed as royalty.

6. Crown & Paw Pet Portrait

A one-of-a-kind pet portrait is a gift that will sure to leave any Dog mom crying tears of joy. Choose from renaissance, television and movies, sports, and tons of other options for a themed, one of a kind, portrait of your pet. You may call your dog princess or treat them like a king but wait until you have a custom portrait of them dressed as one! https://crownandpaw.com/

Women holding french bulldog wearing oversized pink hoodie with custom dog photos on it

7. My Breed is Best Pet Poncho- Customized with Your Pet

The Pet Poncho is an oversized hoodie blanket, the perfect accessory when chilling at home and relaxing. No need to grab a blanket when your hoodie can do the same job! Keep it comfy and classy by customizing the poncho with a picture of your furry best friend. The artists will create a custom illustration based off a photo of your pet.

Corgi eating out of pink raised tray table with two dog bowls

8. Modern Hound Pet Feeder

This is the ideal gift for the stylish and modern dog mom. This pet feeder comes in a sleek and sophisticated design with multiple color options and sizes. This gift is for both dog mom and pup, mom will love how this design goes with her house and the dog will love eating and drinking out of a comfortable raised bowl. 

Man walking golden retriever with hands free leash

9. Zee Dog Hands-Free Leash

Dog moms on the go will love this gift, take your dog on a walk hand free! The Zee Dog hands free leash is a rope leash that will stay connected to your waist or shoulders with its easy to adjust lock buckle. It can be used as a traditional leash as well and comes in a variety of color options. 

Pink sparkly dog mom wine tumbler with heart

10. Ripley & Rue Peach Glimmer Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

Dogs and Wine, the perfect combination. Take this cup with you where ever you go to let the world know you are a proud dog mom. This 12 oz. stainless steel tumbler comes with hard a plastic straw. It is perfect for hot or cold drinks and includes a vacuum seal lid.