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The Benefits of Freeze-Dried Pet Food

Just like our pups, pet foods now come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and mixes.  Long gone are the days of the 60’s and 70’s where the same two or three products were mass marketed to pet parents. Although there were some reputable companies creating high quality products for pets in those times; some manufacturers didn’t consider pets by utilizing low-grade ingredients. In today’s market, we have seen a distinguishable shift in the pet food industry to consumers seeking higher quality ingredients, alternative foods, and a call for transparency. 

In the last decade, one particular category has seen a rise in popularity within the “home prepared” section at most pet retail locations. Once a futuristic phenomenon, freeze-dried pet foods have gained notoriety as a staple pet product. Accompanied by dehydrated and raw-alternative counterparts, they can still be relatively new to pet parents accustomed to dry foods such as kibble. To someone who is unfamiliar with this category, questions about the benefits of freeze-dried pet food may arise. Educating about the benefits of this category has increased awareness on pet food alternatives and how it can play a key role in pets diets. 

Grandma Lucy’s, a family owned pet food manufacturer located in sunny Southern California, has been a pioneer of freeze-dried pet products since the category was first introduced to pet store shelves. Their array of products uses only high-quality meats, no preservatives, and are grain-free. A main goal of their philosophy is to not only provide food that can be proudly fed pets, but to educate consumers on how diet is crucial to a pet’s life. They full-heartedly believe that freeze-dried pet foods can add convenience and provide many benefits to you and your pet. 

Texture, Flavor, and Aroma: 

Through the freeze-drying process, natural enzymes are locked in without disrupting texture, taste, or smell. Valuable nutrients are kept intact ready to be rehydrated when needed. Food is placed inside a vacuum chamber that lowers the temperature until it is below freezing and draws out moisture with changes in temperature and pressure. Any moisture originally found in the food moves to a gas state and bypasses the liquid phase. The end result of this gentle procedure is a minimally processed pet food that is comparable to the homemade food that pet parents wish they had the time to feed their pups.  

 Quick Rehydration: 

Grandma Lucy’s freeze-dried pet foods rehydrate within 2-3 minutes due to the products being highly moisture sensitive. The unique flaking and freeze-drying processes allow for a quickly-rehydrating food that not only saves time compared to other options, but also allows for a long shelf life. The freeze-drying process removes about 98% of moisture in the food, inhibiting bacteria or mold. 

An advantage of having to add water to your pup’s food is knowing that your pet is getting enough water throughout the day to stay safely hydrated.  

Storage and Travel Friendly: 

Recipes are available in one to ten-pound options that rehydrate to about five to fifty pounds of fresh food respectively depending on the formula. This allows for space efficiency in your home. Travel and fulfillment is also made easy due to their light weight properties. 

As waves of newly educated pet parents look to their local specialty pet retailers for options, it is important to provide choices that are not only healthy for their pups, but add convenience, value, and fit their lifestyles.