Out and About with Grandma Lucy's!

Out and About with Grandma Lucy's!

Back on the road with Grandma Lucy’s to head to Dogma Grooming and Pet Needs in Richmond, Virginia. Grandma Lucy’s Northeast Territory Sales Representative, Enzo, got the opportunity to speak with the manager of Dogma, Jennifer. Dogma is locally owned and offers grooming services in addition to retail, and their staff are truly passionate pet people. Jennifer took the time to share why she loves being part of the independent pet industry and why she’s proud to have Grandma Lucy’s be a part of her story.

granmd alucy's rep enzo standing with manager jennifer

Q: What is your favorite part of working in an independent pet retail location?

A: “The personal relationships we develop with our clients and their pets is by far my favorite part! There is nothing more rewarding than when a client comes back and tells us how much their pet’s health has improved because of our advice, support, and guidance. When our pet parents and their babies walk through the door, we greet them by first name and [with] belly rubs!  There is reciprocity with the “family feel” Dogma has. Not only do people and their pets get treated like family; the staff and I leave feeling fulfilled at the end of the day because our clients and their pets are so good to us. It is a feeling that big box stores just simply cannot provide.”

Q: What made you choose to carry Grandma Lucy’s?

A: “The values of the company align with the ones we have here at Dogma. Healthy food solutions, honest ingredients, and understanding our pets are family! [M]y dogs absolutely love Moxie and I trust them the most! I am proud to have Grandma Lucy’s on our shelves.”

Q: What is your favorite part of being in the pet industry?

A: “I love that I am constantly learning something! [T]he industry is ever evolving and gives us the knowledge and tools to educate our clients, friends, and family on the best care for our pets. Also, having this vast amount of information at my fingertips makes me feel confident that I am doing the absolute best for my dogs!”

manager jennifer with customer's dog

Q: Which of Grandma Lucy’s lines of food is your favorite?

A: “Moxie, definitely! Moxie is so versatile which makes it easy to talk to clients about. It will benefit any dog’s health and the ingredient list speaks for itself. It’s a great way to show pet parents food doesn’t need to have a long list of what’s inside to be nutritious and tasty. My pups coming running when they see the bag!”

Thank you, Jennifer, and the Dogma team for being a part of the Grandma Lucy’s family. Each customer who shops with Dogma is greeted with a warm welcome and wealth of knowledge. Grandma Lucy’s is proud to have our products on Dogma’s shelves, and to have a partnership with Jennifer who shares our values and ideals when it comes to pets and nutrition. Our retailers like Jennifer and Dogma help us to improve pets’ lives everywhere, one bowl at a time.