Solution Based Feeding: One Dog's Megaesophagus Journey

Solution Based Feeding: One Dog's Megaesophagus Journey

Grandma Lucy’s believes the right diet and food can provide a remedy to many health struggles. Each recipe is crafted to help different ailments, and every ingredient is chosen with purpose for the benefits they bring to your pet’s bowl. We are committed to helping every pet eat their way to health, and are proud that Grandma Lucy’s can offer a solution to so many dogs with various health concerns. Not only can Grandma Lucy’s offer an option to aid in resolving issues like allergies and skin troubles, but our freeze-dried diets also provide hope and quality of life for dogs managing chronic issues, like megaesophagus.

Megaesophagus is a condition that causes a dog’s esophagus to be enlarged and lose muscle tone. Food may then become trapped and unable to make its way to the dog’s stomach, leading to malnutrition and regurgitation.  Because of regurgitation, foreign material can also be inhaled into the lungs and lead to serious issues like aspiration pneumonia. Dogs may be born with megaesophagus, or it may be developed later on. While there is no cure for megaesophagus, with management and the right nutrition, dogs with this condition can still lead healthy lives.

Since megaesophagus prevents dogs from being able to swallow on their own, choosing the right food and how it is fed are critical. Dogs with megaesophagus need to eat in an upright position, so that gravity can assist in bringing the food down the esophagus to the stomach. This technique is known as vertical feeding, and there are different items that can be used to keep the dog vertical during feeding like a laundry basket, highchair, or Bailey chair. A Bailey chair is a specially designed chair, similar to a highchair, which allows the dog to safely and securely sit in an upright position. Many dogs with megaesophagus do best with a diet that is a soup or porridge-like consistency, making Grandma Lucy’s food a perfect fit! Another struggle many megaesophagus dogs have is with drinking water. Grandma Lucy’s rehydrated meals not only are easier for dogs with megaesophagus to swallow, but the added moisture also helps with water intake and proper hydration.

yellow labrador sits upright in high chair or bailey chair

Photo Credit: @sparkytheitaliangreyhound

Grandma Lucy’s pup-stomer, Weezy, suffers from megaesophagus and has found a new lease on life with Artisan. Prior to discovering Grandma Lucy’s, Weezy’s struggle with eating led to a loss of appetite and malnourishment concerns. Living with megaesophagus has not slowed Weezy down, and finding the right diet has given her more cherished moments with her family. Weezy’s owner reached out over her brother, Sparky’s, Instagram [@sparkytheitaliangreyhound] to share Weezy’s story:

“My pup, Weezy has a bunch of GI issues, neuro issues, and issues with her esophagus. She has to sit in a special chair [Bailey chair] when she eats. I couldn’t get her to eat anything, because she kept regurgitating, and then lost her appetite. Grandma Lucy’s Artisan was my last try at getting her to eat. I’m so glad I tried Artisan, because not only is she now eating, it’s the perfect consistency to where she isn’t regurgitating. I am so incredibly thankful that [Grandma Lucy’s] exists because it has given me the gift of keeping my sweet Weezy longer!”

Our mission at Grandma Lucy’s is to help every dog live their best and longest life, with the help of whole ingredients and fresh food. Not only is Grandma Lucy’s grateful to be able to provide a solution and hope to dogs like Weezy and her family, but we appreciate the stories we get to be a part of as a result. Grandma Lucy’s is proud to be able to help Weezy get her happily ever after, and thankful for the light her story brings to other dogs and pet parents existing with megaesophagus.


By Danielle Contreras