Memorial Day Games

Memorial Day Games

Everyone knows that a great get together must have some truly great entertainment.  While we are busy playing paddle ball, cornhole and horseshoes, our pups want to get in on the fun too!  Here are some ideas on some fun activities to do at home with your dogs on Memorial Day Weekend!

Hide N’ Seek: Hide their favorite treat in the backyard or inside. Either a stuffed Kong filled with Pumpkin Pouch or their favorite food or a few hidden Organic Treats throughout the house or yard!

Obstacle Course: Create a course your dog works their way through with fun surprises throughout! (i.e. Organics, Singles Treats, or our Sliders!)

Ideas to create the course -

  • A box with two open ends that he can crawl through
  • A basket alongside a pile of toys he has to place in it
  • A pole on two stools or boxes that he can leap over
  • A hula hoop to jump through
  • Be creative!

Puzzle Challenges: You can use homemade puzzle games to help not only entertain your pup, but to also challenge them! Here are some ideas of what you can use to make your own fun puzzles. 

  • Muffin Tin - Using a muffin tin (Egg carton works as well) you can lay your pets Organic or Singles treat inside the cup and then put a tennis ball on top to cover the treat or even using Pumpkin Pouches. Your dog will have to figure out how to remove the ball to gain access to the treat.
  • Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Roll - Using an empty paper roll, put in a few treats and fold the ends in on each other. That’s it! Toss it to your dog and watch them go to town.
  • Tennis Ball Trick - Grab a tennis ball and while using a utility knife or boxcutter, carefully slice along the white line to create a sort of smiley face. Squeeze the side of the ball to open the small cut and pop in a few treats! Toss the ball and watch them struggle to figure this one out. 

Teach your dog a new trick: From simple obedience training to more complex tricks, the options are endless! Pick your desired new trick and fill your pockets with Organics or Singles and with some patience and time you’ll not only enjoy the new tricks your best friend can do, but the bonding time you gained. Remember to remain calm and gentle during training, and if you become impatient or your dog loses interest - take a break and come back to it later that day or the next.