Mister's Health Journey

Mister's Health Journey

We at Grandma Lucy’s love our customers and always love hearing how our food changes pet’s lives! This company was started to provide the best possible nutrition for pets everywhere, so when we hear a story like this we love to share.

Our Friend (and #LucysCrew member) Mister Brown is one such pup!

His human writes:

"It all started last year when Mister started becoming very irritable and lethargic. He saw a vet and they said he had bad joints, and very limited range of motion in his back legs. A few weeks later he struggled to jump in the car, or on the bed. At 2 years old he was put on pain pills. At that point he was 80lbs, after a month of cutting his dry kibble back he lost 6lbs, and was acting starved all the time! I then decided to try something new, Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance.

Within a week I could see his allergies improve and after a month I weighed him again! Mister is down 16lbs! His skin is in the best shape it’s ever been, he is able to eat a normal portion so he doesn’t act like he’s starving anymore. And his joints and back legs have improved so much that I was able to take him off of his pain medicine!! It has changed his life so much and I feed it to all three of my dogs! 

I honestly swear by it!!  He’s my whole world! I really appreciate you guys wanting to share him! And I can never thank you enough for giving me my dog back!"

Experiences like that are why we do what we do! Be sure to give Mister some love on Instagram