Murphy sitting on brick pathway with big smile!

Murphy’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey


On May 28, 2017 at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, a little dog’s life was about to change dramatically. On that day his amazing parents to be saw him and had to have him in their life. His mom Stefanie says, “At the time, his name was "Noodles", a Lab/Jack Russell mix, 2 years old, overweight at a whopping 42 pounds with hip dysplasia. The last family kept him outside, fed him human food until he grew and grew so big, they dumped him because he wasn't what they wanted anymore”.


 Murphy before weight loss with halter and after looking good with collar

Shawn and Stefanie are first time dog owners and had been looking for a few months, while building their confidence that they would be good pet parents. On the day mentioned above, they came across “Noodles”. Noodles had some interest but was still available for adoption. Even though they were worried about giving a dog a good life, “Shawn kept telling Stefanie he sees potential in him, that we could help him with weight-loss and as nervous as we were, we took the jump and adopted him. We immediately, gave him a new, stronger, and solid name--Murphy.”


Murphy before and after weight loss facing camera with his cute face

After three months, Stefanie wanted so badly to see Murphy transform and to stop struggling with the stairs, snoring so heavily, and reduce the thickness in his neck so he could wear a collar. Someone had told her about Pet Food Express, and she started going in two, sometimes three times per week because they were so knowledgeable, and they have now become Murphy’s friends. “Right away, they switched him over to Grandma Lucy's, showing me appropriate portions, the right snacks/treats and how to read ingredients. We were so impressed by what you put into your food! It was everything Murphy needed. Every week, we weighed him and monitored his progress. The combination of Grandma Lucy's Artisan Chicken and exercise, he started dropping weight, nearly 1-1.5 pound a week!”


Murphy sitting with some Grandma Lucy's food on his nose!

With tons of love from his parents and great nutrition from Grandma Lucy’s,” Murphy no longer has hip dysplasia, he runs like a Mission Impossible torpedo, his snoring his gone and he sleeps peacefully, has cool collars, and all his muscles are showing!” His vet gives him an A+ with each checkup and is so happy Murphy has lost 15 pounds total! “His coat is buttery smooth, and people comment on it all the time and he has girlfriends everywhere he goes, because he brought sexy back!”


 Momma Stefanie holding Murphy before and after weight loss

“Basically, Murphy went from CHUNK to HUNK! We are so grateful not just to his friends but for Grandma Lucy's. When asked to share his secret, we always rave about your products, bragging how good it is (and smells!) Murphy’s village includes his parents, friends and family, who guided him to a better life. Exercise is essential in weight loss, along with a healthy food to support the body from the inside out.”


Handsome Murphy looking good standing with blue sky behind him

“Murphy just celebrated his fourth birthday and is living his best life now. A MILLION THANK-YOU'S for your company, the mission you stand by and the amazing goodness of everything you all do. Our family loves your company---and Murphy especially does too!!! Truly, you guys contributed to saving his life and we forever appreciate it.  :)”