Natural and non-toxic flea remedies

Natural and Non-Toxic Flea Remedies

As the warmer months approach, with them come the possibility of flea infestations. Many pet owners have experienced dealing with fleas and know the struggles that come with getting rid of them.

Modern chemical options are not for everyone, and for those who prefer a more natural approach, we have compiled a list of the top natural and non-toxic remedies to help get rid of the pesky insects.  


This common household item can do wonders for killing flea eggs. When you remove fleas from your home, it is important to get rid of the eggs as well, or the problem will persist. Fleas are attracted to carpeted areas and will lay eggs in the carpet fibers. Sprinkling finely ground salt on your carpet will dry out the eggs and you can vacuum them from the carpet after 48 hours. 

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Adding 1 tsp. of raw apple cider vinegar to a quarter liter of your pup's water to drink throughout the day will help repel fleas naturally. Introducing raw apple cider vinegar into a dog's diet can also do wonders for their skin and coat.

Additionally, you can fill up a spray bottle with 50% apple cider vinegar and 50% water and spray it in and around your home to repel fleas. This should not be applied topically to your pets because the acidity of the vinegar may cause a burning sensation.

Essential Oils

Essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, or tea tree are a great way of repelling fleas. You can dot a few drops onto your pet's collar, or add a 1-2 drops of essential oil into a bowl of water and dip a bandana into it. Let the bandana dry before putting it on your pet. 

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

It is important to use food grade diatomaceous earth for your pup's safety! Sprinkle a thin layer of diatomaceous earth onto flea infested areas indoors and outdoors. Diatomaceous earth is made up of fossilized microscopic diatoms that lacerate the exoskeletons of fleas. 

Dishwater Trap

Creating a dishwater trap by using a shallow dish, water, and soap is a great way to catch fleas that are hopping around. These work great when there are many fleas and you will notice them captured in the soapy solution.

Flea Comb

Brushing your pet with a fine toothed flea comb is a great way of getting the fleas off. After they are combed clean, you can give your pet a bath using a natural flea shampoo.

It is important to remember that when you are treating your pet for fleas; you should not only treat the inside of your home, but outdoors as well to get to the root of the problem.