Road Tripping with Grandma Lucy's!

Road Tripping with Grandma Lucy's!

This week, Grandma Lucy’s Southeast Territory Sales Rep, Jess, is taking you on a trip to the south to visit For Healthy Pets in Montgomery, Alabama. Owner of For Healthy Pets, Theresa, has been passionate about the pet industry from a young age. While her role in the pet industry has grown and changed over the years, she knew early on that she wanted to have a business of her own. Theresa has put the knowledge and experience she gained from working in so many areas of the pet industry, from showing dogs to trade shows, to bring her dream of owning her own retail store to life and hopes to open a second location this year.

storefront of For Healthy Pets

Q: When did you join the pet industry?           

A: “At 18! I’ve done everything from retail, to showing and handling dogs. I even had a booth I set up at the shows to sell pet products while still handling [dogs] at the shows.” 

Q: When did you open the store?

 A: “October of 2011- almost 10 years ago!”

Q: When did you become a Grandma Lucy’s retailer?

A: “I started carrying Grandma Lucy’s products during the spring of 2012 after attending my first Southeast Pet Trade Show.”

Q: Why did you want to open a pet retail store?

A: “Truthfully it was always my dream, even in the early days of being a mail order supplier and setting up a booth at the dog shows. I got the push to open [my store] after my source of raw pet food for my own dogs closed and there were no local options.”

Q: What is your favorite Grandma Lucy’s product and why?

A: “Moxie Beef would be my favorite, [because of] the limited ingredients and how convenient it is to use when I forget to thaw frozen food for my own dogs.”

cat eating Grandma Lucy's Organic Oven Baked Treats out of the bag

Q: What is your favorite flavor of our Organic Oven Baked Treats?

A: “[It’s] a toss-up between Blueberry and Cranberry.”

Q: What is your favorite part of being a pet retailer?

A: “The relationships I have with many of our customers. I have customers that have been buying from me since I opened that still buy pet products. I’ve seen them get married, have kids, and their kids grow up.”

Thank you, Theresa, for taking the time to chat with Grandma Lucy’s! Remember to shop small for not only the best pet expertise, but also to help bring dreams to life! We are grateful to our retailers like Theresa and For Healthy Pets, for all the compassion and education they bring to pet parents and their fur-kids. Buckle up to see where Grandma Lucy’s heads next, and let your local rep know if there are any retailers we should feature.