Surf's Pup! Dog Beach Etiquette & Tips

Surf's Pup! Dog Beach Etiquette & Tips

Surf’s pup on the last few days of summer! Our dogs work so hard each day to make us happy, give them a day off with a trip to the beach! There’s plenty of fun to be had at the beach, from digging in the sand to surfing the waves or playing fetch- there’s an activity for every dog. Here are some tips and essentials to have the best beach day.

The beach is calling, but keep in mind these tips and rules before you go so you and your pup can leave your worries at home. Before you head out, be sure to check your local beach’s regulations to make sure it’s dog friendly or see if there are any restrictions. If you don’t have a dog beach near you, some beaches do still allow leashed dogs in early morning or evening hours. All guidelines and any dog restrictions should be posted on your county or state’s parks and beaches website. Always remember to leave our beaches as beautiful as you found them; be the person your dog thinks you are and clean up after your pet.

dogs running in waves together at beach

Photo Credit: @living_ruff

The dog beach can be a great place to socialize, but make sure to keep your dog protected by keeping them up to date with vaccinations, especially for puppies! Always supervise play time with other dogs and keep an eye on body language; not all dogs have compatible play styles or may not socialize the same way. If you have a dog who tends to be overwhelmed by too many other dogs or is more toy driven, bring a ball or frisbee to keep them busy and to redirect their energy and attention. Most dog beaches are not fenced or enclosed, so a good recall is essential to keep your dog safe from traffic and to call them back to you if needed from other dogs or people. If your dog doesn’t have a solid recall, it’s best to keep them leashed or on a long line for safety, and this is also a great way to practice recall training.

Always keep fresh water available, and if you have a water loving pooch, make sure they don’t try to drink the salt water. Not only can this make them sick, but it also dehydrates pets quickly. Coconut water is great to bring along to help replenish electrolytes and keep your pup hydrated. If you’re going to make a day of it on the water or if you’re bringing a puppy, remember to pack a lunch! Grandma Lucy’s one-pound bags are a great option to fuel your adventure for when you’re out and about. Check out our beach day packing list below for other must-have items and tricks, and print your own so you don’t forget a thing!

golden retriever at beach with grandma lucy's treats

Dog Beach Checklist:

  • Travel bowl
  • Water
  • Grandma Lucy’s Mahi Singles or your pup’s favorite treats
  • Leash or long line
  • Toys like frisbees, balls, or water toys
  • Towel
  • Waste bags
  • Grandma Lucy’s samples or 1 lb bag for a meal on the go

Printable Dog Beach Day Packing List

Soak up some sun and make some memories with your pup before the last of summer gets away! Whether you hit the waves or stay on shore, it’s sure to be a tail-wagging time. Let us know what your dog’s must-have Grandma Lucy’s beach snacks are!


Danielle Contreras