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10 Reason Why We Are Thankful For Our Pets This Thanksgiving

"For me, a house or an apartment becomes a home when you add one set of four legs, a happy tail, and that indescribable measure of love that we call a dog."

– Roger Caras

         Thanksgiving is the time of the year to spend with family and friends, to give thanks and enjoy quality time with your loved ones, but 2020 has taken an unexpected turn. For many of us our pets have provided friendship, support, endless entertainment during quarantine, and have helped us navigate the struggles of working from home. We want to give thanks to our pets, who are there for us through the good and bad times. We have collected just a few reasons, from Lucy’s Crew, why we are thankful for our furry friends, this year more than ever! 

We are thankful for our pets constant companionship.

Bruce provides companionship and company. He can be a comfort to people who crave unconditional interaction with another living being. Bruce gives us a sense of purpose.


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We are thankful for our best fur friends and adventure buddies.

We are so thankful for our 4 pets – Dany and Nelson, our dogs, and our cats Winnie and Roxy. The relationship we build with them over time is incredibly rewarding and we couldn’t imagine life without them. On a stressful day, coming home to them puts everything in perspective of what really matters. Our dogs are the best adventure buddies, and Dany has even helped the rest of us through some pretty dicey conditions like the brave pack leader she is. Most importantly, although they are there for us if we are sad, most of the time they just make us laugh with their individual quirks and personalities. From joining in on dancing to songs from Frozen to getting outside to exercise in crappy weather - they are our best friends. Plus, who could get through COVID-19 without pets?!


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We are thankful for our pets unique and quirky personality.

The day Mcluvin’ came into our lives he filled a space in our hearts we didn’t know was empty. He has quite the personality and attitude that always keeps us in our toes! We are beyond thankful to have him as a member of our little family because without him our days wouldn’t be filled with so much love and adventures.


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We are thankful for our best friend and their unconditional love.

This year at Thanksgiving I’m especially thankful for the constant companionship of my best friend, Nigel. I couldn’t have made 2020 without his love.


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We are thankful for our pets making us laugh everyday.

Tyrone, without a doubt, has brought another dimension to our small family. He has ensured we laugh everyday. He reminds us to take breaks (to go for a walk), practice self-care (minus the “self” and add the “dog”... in the form of belly rubs) and stop and smell the roses (that immediately make him sneeze.) He fits right in being goofy, patient, kind and food-motivated. We adore every flappy, floppy, huffy puffy, snarfley, snoring second with him. 


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We are thankful for our pets always making us smile.

We are so thankful for Gordie and Rooney coming into our lives! We met Rooney when he was 4 weeks old and knew that he was the one for us. His sweet demeanor and happy smile just brings us joy every day. One year after meeting Rooney, Gordie came in our lives with just a quirky personality. He’s happy with his treats and toys but happiest just snuggling with his family. These two faces make bad days into great and we are so thankful for our dynamic duo


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We are thankful for out pets because they make us feel loved and remind us to enjoy each day.

I am thankful for my pets because they are love. Pure, simple, unconditional love that makes me happy on even the worst day. I'm thankful for my pets because they fill my heart, and make sure I know I am loved and safe with them. They make everyday special in their own ways and remind me that we can only take one day at a time so we better find ways to enjoy it. My pets complete my family and make me the best version of myself.


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We are thankful for our pets love for each other and the bond they share.

This Thanksgiving is extra special because it's our first one with Neena as a part of our family. I'm so thankful for my girls each and every day because they love us unconditionally and make life so much sweeter. I also love how much they love each other. They're the best sisters and get along so well. The cutest is when they all three cuddle together which they do every day!

Stella, Leela, and Neena each have their own quirky, adorable personalities and they make me laugh every single day. They love traveling with us, snuggling in bed, and chasing tennis balls. The girls are extremely kind, loyal, smart, and resilient which I'm so thankful for. They remind me that even on the worst of days, everything is going to be okay. I can't imagine a world without them in it and I'm so lucky I get to be their dog mom.


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We are thankful for our pets providing us comfort and stress relief.

We are so thankful for Spud and Val being part of our family. Especially this year with Covid and having to work from home, they have been a great distraction and reliever from all the stress that has been brought on by the new normal. One day, I was having an extra stressful workday and working from home, it leaked into my home life and I lashed out at my boyfriend. I felt so bad, we both needed space to recoup and relax. Thankfully Spud and Val were there to comfort each of us. I apologized and we talked things out. Without the pups we probably would have had more of an argument but they helped deescalate the situation. They have also help calm and relax many of our friends and family members with their playful energy, wet kisses, warm hearts, and happy smiles.



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 We are thankful for our pets always being by our side.

We are all so incredibly lucky to have pets in our lives!! Finn & I have learned & grown a lot over the years. I’m thankful for all of the time that we’ve had together so far & for our adventures big & small. He has a heart of gold & I’m so grateful to have him by my side. What is Finn thankful for?!? He’d probably say yummy treats, belly rubs & me :)


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We would love to hear from you! Please share with us why you are thankful for your pet this Thanksgiving! Just send us a message on social media @grandmalucys or tag us in your favorite photos :)