What Could Be Causing Your Dog An Upset Tummy

What Could Be Causing Your Dog An Upset Tummy

Although our pups can not communicate with us vocally, as pet parents we are able to look at a few different signs to know that our pup is experiencing some tummy troubles.

Key indicators that your pup is experiencing stomach issues include: passing gas, vomiting, eating grass, or having diarrhea. The first thing that comes to mind when you notice these issues is wondering what may have caused them.

Stress caused by new environments, separation anxiety, or other factors could be a key factor in your fur-kid's tummy troubles. If your dog experiences separation anxiety or is frightful in new environments, carry an item that they are familiar with such as a blanket, a favorite toy, or even a shirt worn by you.

Another factor that could be effecting your pup's system is eating a new food. It is always recommended that you transition your pup onto new food so that you do not upset their stomach. Their gut flora (bacteria that lives in the intestinal system of pets and humans) is accustomed to certain foods going in and can sometimes be thrown off balance with the introduction of a new food. By allowing your dog a transition period, it gives their system time to adjust. When switching over to Grandma Lucy's we recommend a transition period that looks something like this:

  • The first two-three days feed 25% Grandma Lucy's and 75% older food.
  • The next two-three days feed 50% Grandma Lucy's and 50% older food.
  • By the fifth or sixth day, you should be able to feed 100% Grandma Lucy's

If your pup is experiencing trouble with a switch in food, you can always slow down their transition to help them adjust. Always remember that every dog is different and may need a different adjustment period!

Eating something that they shouldn't have is another cause for upset stomachs. Just like children, dogs seem to eat everything they deem edible. This can be dangerous because they will sometimes ingest items that can be toxic or can cause choking. If your pup is experiencing stomach aches because they have eaten a foreign object or food that is toxic to dogs, please call your vet immediately or an emergency pet clinic.

If the reason behind their tummy aches is something that doesn't have to do with eating something they shouldn't have, it can often subside within 24 hours. It is important that you give your pet some water to keep hydrated, but you also need to make sure that they are not drinking too much or it can induce vomiting. Your pet may also not want to eat much when experiencing tummy aches. It is important that you offer than a bland diet to help get something in their stomach. Grandma Lucy's Simple Replacement is a great way to introduce a bland meal for your dog. It's made with USDA white boneless chicken meat and rice. It is freeze-dried to provide convenience and has an 18 month shelf life. Simply add boiling water and let it sit for 10 minutes until cool. Feed it to your pup in small increments as they may not want to eat at all. I personally keep two bags in my pet's cupboard in case of late night emergencies.