We Believe In Giving Back!

We Believe In Giving Back!


 At Grandma Lucy's, our commitment to making a positive impact on the world goes beyond crafting wholesome and nutritious pet food. We believe in giving back to our local communities and spreading love in any way we can. Recently, our passionate team had the privilege of partnering with RSM Cares Bell Tower Foundation to volunteer at a local food pantry in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. The experience was not only heartwarming but also a testament to the power of unity and compassion.

RSM Cares Bell Tower Foundation: Embracing, Engaging, Enriching

RSM Cares Bell Tower Foundation is a remarkable nonprofit organization that stands as a pillar of support for local cultural, educational, civic, recreational, and social needs in Rancho Santa Margarita. Beyond addressing these diverse needs, the foundation places a strong emphasis on fostering a sense of community spirit and connection among volunteers. Their guiding mission—Embrace. Engage. Enrich.—captures the essence of their work. Through embracing the community, engaging with its members, and enriching lives through various initiatives, RSM Cares has created a positive ripple effect that touches countless lives.

Uniting for a Common Cause

The Grandma Lucy's team was eager to get involved with RSM Cares and contribute to their mission. Volunteering at a local food pantry was an opportunity to give back to the community that has supported us throughout our journey. With our hearts full of enthusiasm and a common goal in mind, we set out to make a meaningful difference.

As we worked alongside other dedicated volunteers, we witnessed the real impact of collective efforts. Sorting and organizing food items, packing back to school back packs, we found ourselves woven into the fabric of a community that embodies the spirit of unity.

Spreading Love and Making Memories

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to RSM Cares for creating a platform that brings people together to uplift and support one another. The foundation's dedication to building a strong and connected community aligns perfectly with our values at Grandma Lucy's.

A Lasting Commitment

Our collaboration with RSM Cares is a reminder that our responsibility as a company goes beyond providing top-quality pet food. We are committed to being active participants in creating a better world for both our furry friends and the communities they are a part of. Through initiatives like these, we strive to spread love, compassion, and positivity—values that define Grandma Lucy's as more than just a brand.

As we continue our journey, we look forward to forging more partnerships with organizations like RSM Cares, expanding our reach, and creating lasting change. Together, we can make the world a better place—one act of kindness, one smile, and one wagging tail at a time.

At Grandma Lucy's, we truly believe in giving back, because every small act of love and generosity has the potential to transform lives and shape a brighter future.

Thank you, RSM Cares, for allowing us to be a part of your incredible mission. We're excited to continue spreading love and making a positive impact, one paw print at a time! ❤️ 🐾