Donation 3 Bears Chicken 3LB - SpoofDawg

Bag For Bag Match with Our Official Food Sponsor Grandma Lucy's

Let's team up to make an even greater impact with your generous dog food donation! With the Bag for Bag match from Project Pet RAK and Grandma Lucy's, we can maximize the value of your contribution. Every bag you donate will be matched by Project Pet RAK, doubling the benefit for our furry friends in need. Join us in this fantastic initiative and together we can provide even more nourishment and happiness to dogs in need!

Each bag donation of Grandma Lucy's 3 Bears recipes (purchased from this official page), helps fill SpoofDawg's Pet Pantry. Grandma Lucy's 501c3 nonprofit, Project Pet RaK, will proudly match every bag donation you make, doubling the support to help animals in need.

Together, Project Pet RAK & SpoofDawg to the Rescue's, nonprofit initiatives, aim to strengthen the unbreakable bond between animals and humans. During emergencies, natural disasters, or situations with limited rescue relief and resources, their efforts will ensure that our furry friends receive the wholesome meals they deserve.

Make a positive impact today by donating a bag of Grandma Lucy's 3 Bears for the SpoofDawg Pet Pantry. This will provide nutritious meals to dogs in need during times of uncertainty. Together, we are committed to spreading love and giving back to our beloved furry companions. Let's work together to make a difference.
FOR DONATION ONLY: Donation Bags will be shipped directly to SpoofDawg, to help fill their Pet Pantry.