Who is Grandma Lucy's?

We are a company that cares. We care about pets. We care about nutrition. We care about ingredients. We care about giving and we care about getting it all done right.

Solution Based Feeding

We believe that a healthy pet starts with a healthy food. A remedy to many common ailments can be found by simply changing a pet's diet. We strive to improve pets' lives through solution based feeding.

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Pharmacy Product

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Erin D.

"I want to say thank you to Grandma Lucy’s for what the dog food has done for my tiny 13-year-old Papillon dog Tina... Before I started Tina on your freeze dried dog food, she was nearly bald in some places, she was really grey, didn’t get around that well, didn’t play anymore and pretty much just slept all the time. After about two months of her eating Grandma Lucy’s, she began to grow her fur back, move around a little more and started to sleep less.... It has now been about six months and let me tell you, she is like a young dog again!"

Kim C.


“Our 2 Newfoundlands developed allergies to chicken and beef, as made known by the number of sudden, erupting hot spots. Switching to Macanna was a life-saver. In 2 weeks, no more hotspots. No more yeasty ears. And, while not every dog will love every food, our Hannah? Her teeth chatter with excitement every time the bag comes out. She never did that with any other food we've tried.”



“When it comes to his protection training, Big Bruce's favorite treat is the Pumpkin recipe. When he is aware, alert and attentive - he gets rewarded with praise and baked treats to help build his confidence. Sometimes, dad crunches one or two in the middle of protection training too!”