19 Things You Didn't Know About Grandma Lucy's

19 Things You Didn't Know About Grandma Lucy's

Grandma Lucy's has been making delicious treats and food for pups since 1999! In honor of Grandma Lucy's 19 year anniversary, we are resurfacing some of the lesser known facts about Grandma Lucy's!


Grandma Lucy's Team at SuperZoo 2018

1. Co-Founders Eric and Breann Shook started Grandma Lucy's the same year they got married. They still come into the office daily and are highly involved in all the processes.

2. The idea for Grandma Lucy's first started with Breann's senior cocker spaniel, Lucy, became fussy with her food.

3. All the packaging for the recipes and food is designed by Eric Shook, who is self taught.

4. The first food formula, Artisan Chicken, came out in 2007.


Lucy with treat

5. There have been two Lucy mascots since 1999. Lucy #2 is a king charles cavalier.

6. Lucy #2's current favorite recipe is Macanna Beef. She also goes crazy for the Organic Oven Baked Dog Treats!


Bella Lucy Freeze-Dried Lobster

7. We used to have a freeze-dried lobster treat called Bella Lucy's Freeze-Dried Lobster.

8. We are currently in our 4th location since we outgrew the previous ones.

9. There is no grandma named Lucy. The grandma portion of the name was added because Breann's dog, Lucy, was in her senior years.

10. The first meatball treats were hand-rolled before they were freeze-dried.


Bella Lucy Dog Poop Bag

11. Grandma Lucy's used to sell poop bag holders that were called Bella Bags.

12. Some of our asian-dish inspired treats used to be packaged in take out containers.

13. The retro diner theme came from the fact that Eric and Breann wanted to pay homage to the delicious home made food that your favorite diner would make.

14. The Organic Oven Baked Dog Treat is named Theodore B. Delicious or Teddy for short.

15. An early product of Grandma Lucy's was a doggy trail mix.


Breann with Lucy

16. Breann's dog Lucy was named after Lucille Ball from "I Love Lucy".

17. #ProjectPetRAK was started in 2014. It has helped hundreds of rescues since!

18. In the 19 year's in business, Grandma Lucy's has never had a recall.


Vintage Grandma Lucy's picture

19. In the first years of Grandma Lucy's, Eric and Breann Shook went to various dog events and farmer's markets.