Halloween Safety Tips For Pets

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween is a time for ghouls, tricks, treats, and pups in cute costumes! It's hard to imagine that a holiday - so dearly close to our hearts could be dangerous to our furry little friends.

Celebrate Halloween this year and keep these safety tips in mind to keep your best friend safe and sound!

1. Keep Halloween Candy Out of Reach

We all have heard that chocolate is toxic to dogs, but did you know that there are many other candies that pose a danger to your fur baby? Candy made with sweeteners such as xylitol are highly toxic and other candy can cause upset stomachs.

2. Keep Pet ID Tags Current and Securely On Your Pet's Collar

When was the last time you changed your pet's ID tag? Halloween is the perfect time to make sure your pet's ID tags are up to date and are still legible. As a night of bountiful tricks, loud noises such as fireworks can cause your pets to dart out the doors.

3. Keep Halloween Toys Away From Pets

Small plastic toys and glow sticks are dangerous to chewers due to the chocking hazards and harmful liquid contents. Small halloween knick-knacks have become increasingly popular and will certainly make their way into your children's treat bags. 

4. Keep Your Pets Indoor

Alongside the loud noises which can cause distress, be weary of "pranksters" who can be harmful to your pet. Keep them indoors where they are safe under your watchful eye. Black cats can be especially susceptible to animal cruelty.

5. Be Careful With Lit Jack-O-Lanterns

Pets are naturally curious, which can get them into sticky situations. Flame lit pumpkins can either burn your curious pet or cause a house fire. Use electric tea lights to light your pumpkins instead.

6. Closely Watch Trick-Or-Treating Pets

If your pet normally joins your family for trick-or-treating and can bear the crowds, be careful of discarded candies on the sidewalk. Keep a look out for stress signals your pet may be giving off. If their tail is curled underneath them or they are trying to run away - these are good signs that it is time to go home.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!