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A New Future for Homeless Dogs From Aruba

Grandma Lucy's is joining the efforts of Luna Foundation and Crijojo Trappers with One Love Foundation and Sayv Animal Organization, in "FUTURO NOBO": A "NEW FUTURE" FOR HOMELESS DOGS FROM ARUBA.  A JOURNEY FROM ARUBA TO U.S. IN HOPES OF A BETTER FUTURE.  This initiative is to get homeless dogs off the island of Aruba and into safe loving homes in the United States.  These dogs from Luna Foundation are desperately hoping to get on an already secured rescue cargo flight to the U.S. on June 14, 2021.  They want to take as many dogs as possible.  Many have been waiting years for this opportunity.  It costs about $300/dog to get on the flight with all appropriate paperwork and health certificates, so they need help! The local rescues CANNOT help more dogs until the existing ones leave.

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We need to get these dogs on this plane in June before it gets too hot.  The rescues on the island are full. Stray and neglected dogs are roaming around hungry, thirsty and in need of medical care.  For all of the dogs that leave, new ones can take their places.  These dogs will be among the only adult dogs that have been able to get off the island since the pandemic started.  Getting these dogs state side will provide more space for the local rescue organizations who are working relentlessly to save lives.  Please consider donating and/or becoming a sponsor for these dogs.  Upon donation, you will be matched with a dog with the ability to follow their journey to their new home.

We are also looking for anyone willing to foster these pups as they decompress from their long journey. All expenses will be paid (food, vet, etc) and they will be delivered to you, within a reasonable distance.  They need patient, dedicated fosters who are willing to work with the dogs so they are ready for adoption.


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Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/sayvanimalorg/

A common question asked is “Why Aruba?"
Did you know that when these organizations run out of supplies, they are literally out….across the entire island?  Aruba is an island - if you are out of supplies, you’re out, when rescues and foster homes are full, they’re full.   They rely heavily on travel and tourism to bring them supplies and we all know the impact the pandemic has had on that lifeline.

One Love Foundation and Sayv Animal Org are also heavily involved in supporting local efforts in their surrounding area in the States, but do not discriminate based on country, region or geography.  SAVING A LIFE IS SAVING A LIFE. Flying dogs from Aruba is a very unique situation with the potential to have a massive impact.  Grandma Lucy's will be on-site the week leading up to take-off to witness first hand the struggles the island is facing and to help prepare these dogs for their journey. Sometimes situations present themselves, and if we can help, we will.

Another important ask:  Fly animals home or bring supplies to the island.  Volunteering to transport a cat or dog from Aruba is free, easy and absolutely crucial in helping to ease the strain on the the Aruba rescues.  Not to mention, you become a critical part of helping these animals start their new lives in their forever homes!  If you are traveling to Aruba, we urge you to contact the rescue partners above and inquire about being a transporter aka “Flight Angel” - more detail can be found on each rescue’s website.

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