What is Solution Based Feeding?

What is Solution Based Feeding?

Grandma Lucy's and Solution Based Feeding 

“We are passionate about food solutions… because we believe a remedy to many common ailments such as itchy skin and red paws or ears can be found by simply changing a pet’s diet. Grandma Lucy’s believes that a healthy pet starts with a healthy food. We strive to improve pets’ lives through solution-based feeding which is why every single ingredient is chosen with a specific purpose in mind. All of these superfoods create recipes filled with benefits so your pet can eat their way to health.”

Each ingredient used in Grandma Lucy’s dog and cat food recipes is chosen with a specific benefit in mind, to help your pet live a long and healthy life. 

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    Learn about each Grandma Lucy’s Recipe and the Solutions it can provide. Don’t just take our word for it, check out some testimonials from Lucy’s Crew on the solutions Grandma Lucy’s food has helped with!


    Artisan is a great line for pups that are first discovering the world of freeze-dried pet foods. It is the quickest to rehydrate and offers a great protein range for all dogs. Since puppies grow rapidly the first year, the carbs in the Artisan help keep a healthy weight on them through each of their growth stages. Artisan is available in chicken, pork, venison, lamb, and a pre-mix option.

    Ingredients: potato, celery, carrots, blueberries, cranberries, flaxseed, and apples.

    Allergies and Sensitive Stomach

    “I have been searching for a good solid food for my pampered pups. They both in their golden years (16 in Aug and 15 in Nov). Our 15 yr old is allergic to everything under the sun, so we have been through at least 7 or 8 brands of food and I think I finally nailed it. They love the taste and it’s super easy to make and has made feeding time so much simpler. We were doing so much cooking and preparing it was ridiculous. We add organic Ground Turkey for the 15 yr old and organic Chicken Breast for the 16 yr old. It’s been almost a month and we’ve had no tummy issues or allergy concerns. We are lovin Grandma Lucy!!! I highly recommend this brand to anyone who wants an affordable option to feed their dogs great quality food.”

    -Quinn, from Chewy.com

    Healthy Weight and Shinier Coat

    “Grandma Lucy's has been life changing for us! Our dogs weights are healthier, their coats are shinier, and they're always so excited for meal time...like so excited! We love how easy Grandma Lucy's is to prepare, store away, and travel with! The girls favorite recipe is a toss up between the Chicken and Pork Artisan Blends. We love it because of its healthy ingredients, extra vitamins, and the fact that each bag includes a ton of visible protein. We know exactly what our dogs are eating with Grandma Lucy's and we know the food quality is one of the best out there. We're team Grandma Lucy's for life!”


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    Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance diet is a great option for dogs that have allergies or food intolerance, since it has novel protein options like rabbit. This recipe is also recommended for Pups that need to manage their weight because it metabolizes efficiently, while keeping the dog feeling full. Highly active dogs can benefit from a diet like this as well because the chickpeas offer a long lasting and steady energy source throughout the day. We also recommend this recipe for dogs that have itchy or red paws due to the decreased starch content. Pureformance is available in chicken, fish, lamb, rabbit, and a pre-mix option.

    Ingredient: Chickpeas, Flax, Carrots, Celery, Apples, Bananas, Blueberries, Cranberries, Pumpkin, Papaya, Spinach

    Healthy Weight

    I’ve been feeding this to my dog for years. All the ingredients are natural and it has the highest rating I’ve ever seen on dog food advisor. I’ve switched to other “high quality” dog food but this one keeps my dog the healthiest and at a healthy weight. Not to mention it smells so good I almost want to eat it myself! I highly recommend!

    -Renae, from Chewy.com

    Skin and Coat Health

    “Can I tell you how much we LOVE our Grandma Lucy’s meals and treats! I have 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks that absolutely love the Pure Performance Lamb & Fish formulas! We can’t wait to try the Rabbit :) We consistently get comments from people that the dogs have such beautiful coats and teeth and we always credit the quality ingredients of the food we feed them.”


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    Macanna is Grandma Lucy’s newest recipe, that is full of superfood ingredients such coconut, turmeric, and hemp hearts. This recipe is great for senior dogs or dogs with food intolerances due to the anti-inflammatory benefits the hemp hearts and turmeric provide. Macanna is available in beef, chicken, turkey, and a pre-mix option.

    Ingredients: Pinto Beans, Hemp Hearts, Carrots, Coconut, Pumpkin, Kale, Blueberries, Turmeric, 

    Picky Eater

    “Our favorite recipe is Macanna Beef. Jido was an extremely picky eater when he was on kibble and would even go days without eating. We decided to switch to Grandma Lucy's and it has been the best decision! He eats every meal and even gets excited for food. We particularly love Macanna Beef because it’s so convenient, involves very little preparation, and has simple ingredients. We even noticed that his fur quality has greatly improved since switching.”


    Dog sitting next to bag of Macanna beef dog food

    Allergies and Healthy Weight

    “My Yorkie has food allergies and it has been very difficult to find a food that she can tolerate. She has been on this food for 6 months and has been doing great. She is also maintaining a good weight with this food.”

    -Camille, from Amazon.com


    Moxie is a high protein, freeze-dried dog and cat food that can be served as a full meal or used as a topper to any other food. Moxie is ideal for pets of all life stages, Moxie is packed with 93% protein and is a great source of fruits and vegetables such as kale, beets, and pumpkin. As a grain-free, high protein “keto-like” diet, Moxie promotes overall pet health while offering a safe, family-friendly alternative to raw food with all the same benefits. Moxie is available in chicken, beef, and turkey for cats. If you are looking for a high protein diet this is a great alternative to raw feeding to ensure safe handling.

    Ingredients: Sunflower Seeds, Squash, Pumpkin, Coconut, Beets, Apples, Blueberries, Kale, Turmeric.

    Great as a Topper

    "Using this as a topper 3 days a week, alternating with another topper. Be sure to follow the suggested amount as this is a high quality product with chicken livers, gizzards which can give some dogs soft/loose bowel if given too much. Dogs need organ meat and our Lab loves it."

    -Suzy, from Chewy.com

    Additional Protein and Extra Energy

    “We add Moxie to our Grandma Lucy's meals and the pups love it! It is a healthy, limited ingredient food with a higher protein content, great for some extra energy. It is grain free which helps us maintain weight as well.”


    dog with bandana and Moxie dog food