Bath Time for Dogs

Bath Time for Dogs

So today is the day!  It is time for your furry friend to get themselves cleaned up and the task falls to you to get it done.  Once you’re prepared to take on the task–with or without your dog’s cooperation–here’s what to do:Brushing Matt-ers

Brush your dog before a bath. Matted hair holds water and can leave your dog with irritated skin. You may want to put a cotton ball in each ear to keep water out. It helps prevent ear infections and irritation.



The Goldilocks approach

Use lukewarm water. Dog skin is different from ours, and hot water can burn dogs more easily. Bath water should never be hotter than what you’d run for a human baby. Keep it even cooler for large-breed and flat-faced dogs who can easily overheat.

Channel your inner Morgan Freeman

Talk to your pet in a calm and reassuring voice. Some dogs will eventually learn that you’re not torturing them, although others will continue to hide under the kitchen table whenever you get out a towel.


Use dog shampoo. It dries their skin less than people shampoo. Work the shampoo into a gentle lather and massage it all over your dog’s body, being careful not to get soap in their eyes.

Rinse and Repeat

Rinse well. Any soap left in their fur can irritate your dog’s skin once they’re dry. Rinse, rinse, and repeat the rinse.

Howl for the Towell

Towel and Air-dry. Hot air from a human blow-dryer can be too hot for their skin. Either air-dry with liberal towel use or use a blow-dryer designed for dogs; its lower temperatures won’t cause itching or dandruff.

Eyes on the Prize

Reward your dog. Your dog's favorite part of the bath is the END.  Follow up with abundant praise, petting, or play and let's not forget to give them their favorite treat! Many a damp dog loves to vent their frustration over bath time by playing exuberant tug-of-war with the bath towel–or just running away with it–when it’s all over.

You made it! Mission Accomplished!  We will leave the clean up to you

    You made it! Mission Accomplished!  We will leave the clean up to you!