Happy Memorial Day From Grandma Lucy's

Happy Memorial Day From Grandma Lucy's

Memorial Day weekend is upon us! Out here in California, all of us at Grandma Lucy’s love celebrating this holiday with family while grillin’ and chillin’ at the beach. But with many of us stuck at home this year, we thought we could give some fun ways to bring the beach to you and your pups! With a little imagination and a fun, can-do attitude everyone can enjoy a “day at the beach”. Here are some of our ideas to bring the beach to your home.

Splashin’ around

Set up a mini plastic pool for you and the pups to cool off! We recommend a more durable, plastic one over an inflatable one as those dog nails can put an end to splash time very quickly. If a mini pool isn’t an option, sprinklers and hoses can still bring the fun!

Relaxin’ Out Cool

It’s a must that when you are at the beach, you’ve got to be striving for relaxation. It’s important to set you and your pups up for success. Setting up some comfy chairs for you and some beach towels for the pups will really make you feel like it’s a day at the beach.

Bring Your Shades

Being outside and soaking up the sun is a great way to stay energized, but sometimes that sun shines brighter than a bag of our Pumpkin Pouch Inflammation!  So, don’t forget to set you and your dog up with some shady areas too.  Set up a tent or umbrella to give refuge from those rays and do not forget to use plenty of human sunscreen for you and dog sunscreen for your pups.

Killer Tunes 

Now that you’ve set up the place to feel like the beach, it's time to set the mood with a beach and bbq playlist of your favorite music!  Everyone knows the right music can really bring you into beach mode. Our beach mix contains lots of Beach Boys, Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet.  What’s on your beach playlist?