DIY Howl-oween Costumes to Have Your Dog Looking Spooky Cute!

DIY Howl-oween Costumes to Have Your Dog Looking Spooky Cute!

Howl-oween is creeping up! If you don’t have a costume for your pup yet, don’t panic! Grandma Lucy’s saves the day with some fun and simple DIY costume ideas to have your pup looking spooky cute. These costumes can be customized for any size pooch, or even cats if they’re willing to play dress up. Whether your pup is feeling ghostly or just scary cute, with these costumes they’re sure to get all the treats!

super-pup costume drawing and instructions

Option number one is the super-pup! Perfect for the heroic pup in your life or any good boy. This costume is super simple to make. Find an oversized red bandana or sheet, depending on your pet’s size, and tie around them to make a cape. For the overachievers who want to go the extra mile, cut out a superman symbol to attach to your pet’s collar- now they’re officially a super-pup!

pup-tini costume illustration and instructions

It’s always five o’clock somewhere with the pup-tini costume. This option makes great use of any old e-collars you have lying around. Now you can repurpose them into an adorable costume that’s sure to make you laugh. First find an old e-collar, or purchase one if you’d like, then paint two Styrofoam balls and attach them to a stick to make your classic martini olives. Make sure the cone fits your pet properly, allowing two fingers between the cone and their neck, and secure the stick to the side of the cone.

ghost dog costume drawing and instructions

If timeless is more your style, you can’t go wrong with the ghost dog! All you will need is an old sheet and a pair of scissors. First, plot out where you want to make your cuts. Then cut out holes for your dog’s ears, eyes, and nose. Place over your pooch and voila, you’re ready for a ghoulish good time!

beanie baby costume illustration and instructions

Have a pup who’s just too cute or could pass for a teddy bear? Try out the beanie baby costume! Print out a TY tag, or make your own by cutting a heart out of construction paper and painting on the logo. Then hole-punch the top left corner and affix to your pup’s collar. To kick it up a notch, write your pet’s name on the inside of that tag too.

Whether your pup is out trick or treating with the family, passing candy out at home, or having a scary movie marathon they can join in on the Halloween spirit and look adorable doing it. Remember to bring along some Grandma Lucy’s treats for your pup if you go trick or treating, so they can safely enjoy their own spooky eats! Be sure to share if you try these costumes out, and we can’t wait to see your Halloween adventures!