Keep the Tails Wagging with a Trip to Pets Plus!

Keep the Tails Wagging with a Trip to Pets Plus!

Grandma Lucy’s rep, Dom, visited our friends at Pets Plus at their Laguna Niguel location. Pets Plus is family-owned and has proudly been a part of the pet industry for over 35 years. Currently boasting eight locations in Southern California, the Pets Plus family offers a wealth of knowledge to every customer that walks through their doors. Laguna Niguel store manager, Erika, shared what she loves most about the independent pet industry and why Pets Plus is proud to offer Grandma Lucy’s and be a part of our mission to help pets eat their way to health.   

Q:  How did you get started in the pet industry?

A: “I kind of fell into the pet world after a career in medical sales. Wanting a change, I applied at my local pet store and fell in love. I discovered [the pet] community and a world of healthy feeding.” 

Q: Why Pets Plus?

A: “I found the right fit here! Its family owned and has been for the last 40 years. The community is amazing [and] we know all of customers’ first names and their pets’ names.” 

Q: How many locations does Pets Plus have?

A: “Eight, spread [throughout] Southern California.” 

Q: What is the one Organic Oven Baked Treat flavor you couldn’t live without?

A: “Even though you discontinued them, Coconut is my all-time favorite.”

store manager standing in front of Grandma Lucy's display 

Q: What sets Pet Plus apart from the big box stores?

A: “[The] community feel of coming together, where pets are family. We greet all of customers and have the knowledge to answer any [nutrition] questions that come up. You can’t find that in a big box store today.”

Q: What is your favorite Grandma Lucy’s recipe?

A: “Macanna Pre-Mix is my personal favorite and my stores top-selling Grandma Lucy’s food. I recommend it to anyone cross feeding raw or kibble. The pinto beans, hemp hearts and turmeric bring a lot of health benefits to the table.”

Next time you’re in the Southern California area, be sure to cruise through Pets Plus for some goodies for your furry friends and a friendly smile. Grab some Grandma Lucy’s treats and hit the beach to take in all the area has to offer! Join us on the road less traveled to see where our journey takes our team next! If you know of a retailer worth barking about, tell your local Grandma Lucy’s rep so we can feature them next.