Jess and Wendy standing next to each other holding food

Dog Days of Summer With Grandma Lucy's

The dog days of summer are here, along with National Dog Month! This week, the Grandma Lucy’s Southeast Territory Sales Rep, Jess, is taking you along for a trip to Georgia to visit Dog City Bakery in Marietta. Dog City Bakery celebrates dogs all day long every month, as Managing Partner, Wendy, and crew are dedicated to helping educate pet parents on how to give their fur-kids their best lives. Jess and Wendy are not just fellow pet enthusiasts; the two originally met when Jess was working at a retailer and went on to work together for two years at the same pet product distributor! Wendy sat down with Jess to share her experience in the industry and to talk shop- pet shop that is.

Jess and Wendy holding Grandma Lucy's

Q: What is your favorite Grandma Lucy’s product?

A: “[It’s] definitely a tie between Macanna and Moxie. I love all the ingredients in Macanna as [it’s] full of beneficial ingredients, but also love Moxie as I feed it to my own dogs, and they go crazy for it!”

Q: What Grandma Lucy’s product is most popular with your customers?

A: “Pureformance- it flies off the shelf!”

Q: What is your favorite part of the pet industry?

A: “The ability to educate pet parents on how they can heal their pets with food.”

Q: What makes independent pet special?

A: The level of service we are able to provide in the store, as well as the unique products we stock. Independent retailers also have vast product knowledge, as we [don’t] have the space to stock products that we are not able to identify a need for.”

Q: Why did you choose to carry Grandma Lucy’s in your store?

A: “Truthfully, about ten years ago I had a dog named Jazz who was diagnosed with late to end stage cancer. He was given a window of three to six months to live. I fed him Pureformance Rabbit, [and] he went on to live another two years.”

Q: How long have you been part of the pet industry?

A: “Fourteen years!”

front of dog city bakery shop from street

Thank you, Wendy and Dog City Bakery, for taking the time and for sharing your wealth of knowledge! Follow along to see where our adventure takes us next, and let your local Grandma Lucy’s rep know if your store would like to be featured or if you know where we should head next.


Danielle Contreras