Emily's Macanna and Nutriscan Journey

Emily's Macanna and Nutriscan Journey

For the past few months, Emily has been chewing and biting at her paws off and on, has occasional indigestion, and has recently been scratching at her ears which have had a built up in them lately. Luckily I clean them often so she has not had an infection yet but I'm dying to know the reason why this has happened recently.  After a lot of research I have come to believe that she might have a food intolerance of some kind. Luckily I came across a wonderful saliva test from NutriScan exists to find out what she's sensitive to and it's much easier, safer and more accurate than other tests.


For accuracy, NutriScan asks that you perform the test after your dog fasts overnight and before they eat breakfast in the morning. Then you then have them chew/hold this rope (with your assistance ) in their mouth for 2 minutes while saliva accumulates on it. If you need help to trigger the production of saliva you can hold a treat or food in front of them but do not give it to them until after you are done.Then you cut the rope to fit in the tube, seal it, fill out the form and mail it. Its that SIMPLE! (Results are expected in about 2 weeks)


The results of the NutriScan test showed that I have a sensitivity to A LOT of foods. With that being the case it has been very difficult to find a dog food on the market that I can eat. After some helpful tips from the people at NutriScan, and doing our own investigating and research we found this Macanna Beef recipe and a Macanna Pre mix that has all ingredients I can have!

Finding treats was also going to be difficult! Luckily, Grandma Lucy’s also has a treat line that uses the same whole food ingredients as their food and they had a Macanna Beef Starters recipe that I could eat!

I've been eating the Grandma Lucy’s Macanna Beef and Pre Mix foods now for a couple weeks and my symptoms are pretty much gone. I haven't lost my appetite or had an upset tummy. My poops have been awesome and my itchy paws have mostly gone away. Only every now and then I bite them. I use to chew them constantly, especially after I ate.