5 Summer Tips Every Pet Parent Needs to Know!

5 Summer Tips Every Pet Parent Needs to Know!

The start of Summer signals warmer weather, pool days, and frozen treats. Summer is arguably one of the most enjoyable times of the year for many pet parents and fur babies alike.

I have compiled a list of five tips you need to know to have a fun  but, safe Summer with your best friend!

1. Safely Enjoy the Outdoors

Summer is a great time for pups to enjoy the outdoors – especially if you've had a rainy spring and a cold winter. When enjoying nature's wonders, always supervise your dog to make sure they are not getting overheated.


Dog enjoying the outdoors with a pet parent


2. Hydration is Key
Making sure that fido has access to water at all times is important! This helps prevent overheating and allows them to continue playing! An expert tip is to add a little extra water when you rehydrate Grandma Lucy's food, to that that they are getting enough water to keep hydrated.


Pup drinking water and staying hydrated


3. Protect Their Paws
One of my favorite Summer staples is adorable pooch footwear! On hot days, heated cement or asphalt can pose a danger to your pup's paws. Not only are these booties adorable, they will also be protecting your fur baby's paws. If your dog is not keen on keeping these on, make sure you are walking them before the sun rises or after the sun goes down!


dogs with protected paws


4. Frozen Treats
It's easy to make frozen treats for your pup with a few ingredients. The ones pictured below use our Macanna Salmon recipe, fresh fruit, kale juice, and Greek yogurt. You can find more frosty treat inspirations on our recipe page!


Macanna Yogurt Paws

5. Go For a Swim
Summer is the perfect time to head to a dog beach or let your pup splash in the pool! It's the perfect way for you and your pup to cool down on a hot day and is a great way to socialize with other dogs! 


pup playing in the ocean

Go out and enjoy the weather with your best friend while keeping all our tips in mind for a fun and safe Summer!