5 Important Things to Consider When Adopting a Dog

5 Important Things to Consider When Adopting a Dog

Rescuing a dog gives them a second chance at life and gives you another best friend to love. There is a lot more to it then showing up at your local rescue and going home with a fur baby!

Although, choosing the right pup may be a difficult task, I've compiled a list of five important things you should consider when you are ready to adopt!

1. Time

Do you have enough time to invest on a pet? Dogs require time to play with, train, walk, and feed. Having enough time is crucial – especially if you want the pup to adjust to your rules, your schedule, and your family.


Dog waiting for owner

2. Space

Some pups may require plenty of exercise and space to run around in. Consider the size and breed of the dog you are adopting and analyze your living situation. Larger playful dogs will prefer having a backyard to run around in, while some smaller sedentary dogs may be better for smaller homes.


dog playing in backyard

3. Bond

Bonding with your fur baby is one of the most rewarding experiences as a pet parent. It may be hard to fully understand a pup's behavior and personality at a rescue if it is loud and chaotic, causing the dog to be scared. Most rescues have an area where you can have some play time with the pup. Invest time with the dog and if you are looking for a family pet, bring your children a long to see how the dog interacts with them.


child petting dog

4. Resources

Having a pet adds another mouth to feed to the family. Budget before adopting a pup and think about expenses such as a quality food, hygienic care, veterinary care, and other pet necessities.


 puppy with vet 

5. Talk to the Volunteers

One of your best resources at a rescue will be the people working there! Volunteers are the perfect people to go to for questions about the dog's behavior and habits. They volunteer there because they are passionate about animals and are willing to help you choose your new best friend!


dog at a rescue 

Although adding a new family member may be daunting, when you connect with the right dog you will know! Being a pet parent is rewarding for you and your pup. I wish you luck finding your new best friend!