How to Keep Your Pups Safe This Fourth of July

How to Keep Your Pups Safe This Fourth of July

We all enjoy celebrating the Fourth of July with BBQs, beach days, and fireworks. Our pups tend to enjoy all the festivities

– all except for the latter. With loud noises littering the night sky, it's no surprise that July 4th is one of the busiest days of the year for rescues around the nation.

When frightened, your dog can bolt out of the backyard or off their leash, and it can pose many dangers for them. I wanted to share a few pointers with all you fur parents to help you celebrate a safe holiday!

  • If you are having a fourth of July party, beware of what your guests could potentially be feeding your pup. Table scraps can be dangerous to your dog's health and we recommend having a jar of treats out on the table labeled dog treats for those who may want to feed your pup.
  • If you are heading over to an event, leave your pup safely at home. They will appreciate being away from the loud noises.
  • Play music or watch a movie with your pup so that you can drown out the celebrations at night.
  • Some dogs will feel safer in a smaller confined space, so if they prefer to hide out in a closet or pillow fort, try and make your best friend as comfortable as possible.

Happy Fourth of July and keep your pup safe during the festivities!