7 Essential Items to Have in Your Pet Emergency Kit

7 Essential Items to Have in Your Pet Emergency Kit

We are always reminded to have safety preparedness kits for ourselves for when disaster strikes, but we are not often reminded to make emergency kits for our pets. 

We have compiled a list of 7 essential items that you need to include in your pet emergency kits! You can compile these into a portable bag or even a pet carrier that your pet can be kept in when needed.

1. Health Records

Health records such as vaccines, microchip details, medication lists, and other important medical paperwork is important to have on hand. Keep a copy of all these in your emergency kit in case you need to evacuate at moments notice! An extra step of precaution is laminating the paperwork to make it water proof.


pet medical records  

2. Extra Leash & Collar

When chaos ensues, we tend to forget where most things are located. By having an extra leash and collar readily available as part of your kit, you can rest assured that your pet will remain by your side.


dog on leash and collar

3. Bottled Water

Clean water can be hard to come by amid catastrophe. Water is an important survival supply to not only us, but our pups too! Maintaining a few bottles in your kit for your dog or cat is essential. 


water bottle for clean water

4. Shelf Stable Food

Setting aside food with long shelf stability is important in case you are going to be away from home for days on end. You can easily do this with our freeze-dried pet food because it is light weight and is shelf stable for 18 months. Either a 3 lb. bag or samples will allow you to take up little space up in your emergency kit, and you won't have to worry about replacing it for a while.


grandma lucys dog products for kits  

5. Blanket

A Blanket can provide comfort to your pet amid disaster and also serve as a place for them lay or keep warm.


wool blanket for pets 

6. Collapsible Bowls

Collapsible bowls like the ones pictured are easy to store and come in handy when your pet gets hungry or needs water. These are perfect for any pet emergency kit!


collapsible pet bowls 

7. Waste Bags

Having a few pet waste bags will come in handy for when your fur baby relieves themselves. They can also be used to carry some of the items in your emergency kit.


waste bags for dogs

Preparedness is the best way to get through disasters, and by having a plan, you will be able to take care of yourself and your pets. The Red Cross also has a Pet First Aid app that you can download to help assess many pet related situations. Check it out here