Top 5 Tips to Bond With Your Pup

Top 5 Tips to Bond With Your Pup


The special bond we have with our dogs is unbreakable! They're not only our best friends, they're also our family. When a pup first comes into your life, they can sometimes be extremely shy or apprehensive to fully trusting you.

It is very important to develop a bond with your new family member so that you can both enjoy a synergistic relationship. Without further ado, here are our top 5 tips to  bond with your pup!


1. Take Them On Daily Walks

Dogs need physical and mental stimulation in order to keep boredom at bay. Walking your pup daily allows them to bond with you during one of their favorite times of the day. When taking them on a walk, be sure to have them follow your pace and learn sit and stay commands.


Dog going on daily walk  

2. Learn a New Trick

Learning a new trick is a great way of working together towards achieving a mutual goal. Learning commands require patience and when paired with treats and praise, will help develop your relationship with your dog.


Dog learning a new trick

3. Spend Quality One-On-One Time

Just like with humans, when you spend quality time with your pup, they will learn to get to know you. Whether it be spending it doing something interactive together or cuddling on the couch, this time is important to help build up your relationship. 


dog spending time with human

4. Communicate With Your Dog

Dogs are highly reactive to a human's touch and commands. Communicating with your fur friend with your body language and touch is a great way to get them to trust you. Praise them when they are being good and set boundaries for when they have done something they shouldn't be doing. Pups have a pack mentality, and they look to you to regulate.


human communicating with dog  

5. Make Them Their Favorite Foods

One of the best ways to get your fur baby's attention is to make them their favorite food. Dogs tend to be most attached to the person who is feeding them because just like humans, one of the best ways to their heart is through their bellies! 


Making food for your fur baby


Remember, building a bond that will last a lifetime requires time and patience! Enjoy hanging out with your pup and let the relationship grow naturally.