Everett Pet Nutrition: The Best for Your Pet from Nose to Tail

Everett Pet Nutrition: The Best for Your Pet from Nose to Tail

Nestled in beautiful Everett, Washington, Everett Pet Nutrition is still relatively new, opening their doors in 2019, but owners, Larry and Merri, are no strangers to the pet scene. Larry and Merri have been part of the pet industry for over a decade, from dog walking to now opening their own retail location. Everett Pet Nutrition’s greatest passion is pets and their people. Everett Pet Nutrition’s team’s biggest joy comes from helping pet parents find the perfect product for their pet’s unique needs. Grandma Lucy’s Northwest Territory Sales Representative, Brooke, stopped by to get the inside scoop on what makes Everett Pet Nutrition so special and what they love about being part of the Grandma Lucy’s family.

everett pet nutrition owner with grandma lucy's products

Q: What is your favorite Grandma Lucy’s product?

A: “We really like the Pumpkin Pouches. I like that they’re an all-natural supplement and [feature] whole foods. I like the Singles treats too!”

Q: Why did you get into the pet industry and what made you want to open your own pet store?

A: “I was a dog walker for 10 to 12 years and worked at another [independent] pet store, and it’s just the people. The people and the pets are why I got into it.”

Q: What makes independent pet retailers special?

A: “I think the attention they can give new customers. The knowledge is usually more than at the big stores, where it’s just somebody coming in for a part-time job. We can’t carry as much as the big stores so we really [research] everything we bring and back every [product] that we carry.”

Q: What Grandma Lucy’s product do you recommend the most?

A: “Probably the Artisan [line] for people looking to [boost] their dog’s meals or something easy [to prepare]. It’s [also] a great product for people who hike; the convenience of it.”

Q: Which is your favorite Grandma Lucy’s line?

A: “I like Moxie! It’s really good; really high-protein [and] meat heavy.”

grandma lucy's rep brooke holding store owner's dog

Q: How long have you been a part of the pet industry?

A: “For over 12 years, but we’ve been here [Everett Pet Nutrition] for two years.”

Q: What made you chooses to carry Grandma Lucy’s in your store?

A: “It was…different than everything else. [We like] the ingredients and the quality. [We] definitely like work with smaller companies who pay more attention to what goes into their food.”

Q: How long have you been a Grandma Lucy’s retailer?

A: “Since this summer, so about seven months.”

Q: What is your favorite part of owning an independent pet retail location?

A: “It’s the people! Pet people want the best for their animals and want our opinions…on what might be best for their pet. Just working one on one with customers and their pets’ needs.”

Q: Have you seen changes in what pet parents are looking for?

A: “Definitely, especially over the years. Absolutely, I think [pet parents] are getting better at reading the ingredients for sure, and having a little bit more knowledge than years back. I’ve seen them get better about wanting better for their pets.”

If you are a local, be sure to visit Everett Pet Nutrition for people who love pets and their people! Everett Pet Nutrition offers a carefully curated selection of only the best for your furry family member. Thank you, Larry and Merri, for taking the time to chat with us, and for supporting Grandma Lucy’s! If your favorite independent retailer is something to bark about, let your local Grandma Lucy’s representative know to feature them.