Ma and Paws: Your Pet's One Stop Shop!

Ma and Paws: Your Pet's One Stop Shop!

Southeast Territory Sales Representative, Jess, paid a visit to Ma and Paws in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Ma and Paws has your pet covered from nose to tail, offering grooming services, nutrition counseling, and the healthiest eats and treats. Ma and Paws is proudly family-owned and first opened their doors in 2007. Manager, Rebecca, took the time to share the passion she and the rest of the Ma and Paws team have for pets and how Grandma Lucy’s helps them share the love with each pet and customer.  

grandma lucy's rep standing with manager holding bags of grandma lucy's

Q: What is your favorite Grandma Lucy’s product?

A: “The freeze-dried Singles. Don’t make me choose one; I love all of them!”

Q: What is your favorite part of being in the pet industry?

A: “Meeting all of the dogs every day and feeding them [a million] treats before sending them home. I said what I said!”

Q: What is your favorite Organic Oven-Baked Treat flavor?

A: “Cranberry, because they’re delicious!”

Q: How long have you worked in the industry?

A: “I got my first job at 12 working in an animal shelter. [So,] thirteen years? That’s a long time!”

Q: What is your favorite Grandma Lucy’s food line?


Q: What is the most popular Grandma Lucy’s product with your customers?

A: “Artisan Chicken.”

dog sitting with bags of grandma lucy's

Thank you, Rebecca and the Ma and Paws’ team, for all you do to educate and support the pet community. Pay a visit to Ma and Paws for all your pet’s needs, from bath time to meal time Ma and Paws offers the best care every step of the way. Next time you see your local Grandma Lucy’s representative, let them know who we should visit next!