Grandma Lucy’s is Excited to Announce Our Partnership with Little Angels Service Dogs!

Grandma Lucy’s is Excited to Announce Our Partnership with Little Angels Service Dogs!

Grandma Lucy’s, located in Rancho Santa Margarita California is one of the nation’s last remaining family-owned and operated small-batch pet food companies, known for its unique freeze-drying pet foods and organic dog treats.

Grandma Lucy’s Co- Owner and Founder Breann Shook shared a message about Grandma Lucy’s new partnership with Little Angels Service Dogs and what it means to her. “Since we started Grandma Lucy’s in 1999, it has been our passion to provide pets with the healthiest life possible. For more than 20 years, we have been fortunate enough to give back to different pet related organizations, but I was inspired to shift our focus to service dogs as they have a special place in our hearts. Our middle son, Hunter, has Autism. About a year ago, a boy at his school came in with his service dog. Watching the newfound freedoms this boy was given due to his service dog’s special skills, I knew then that we wanted to help more of these amazing animals. We are so grateful to Little Angels Service Dogs for all they do to help people like Hunter lead more independent and safe lives.”

Woman in wheel chair training a golden retriever service dog

Little Angels Service Dogs was founded in 2006 and became a 501C3 nonprofit in 2011. They have a San Diego Facility and second location in New Hampshire. Little Angels trains and places fully prepared service dogs with approved disabled recipients. Little Angels Service dogs assists individuals with disabilities such as autism, seizures, hearing Loss, limited mobility, psychiatric complexities, or veterans with PTSD lead a more independent life. Little Angels is an Assistance Dogs International accredited organization, meaning their training practices are held to a high standard. Their dogs go through a three-phase training course before they are ready to service someone with a disability and help regain their independence. It is with this dedication to their recipients and their dogs that they can change lives, one dog at a time.

Grandma Lucy’s will be providing food and treats to Little Angels, for the dogs currently in training. Follow along with us as we highlight the amazing work Little Angels is doing on our social media over the next year!

Josh Drew, Executive Director or Little Angels Service Dogs shared his excitement about this partnership. “When you're raising service dogs to help change the lives of the disabled, their health is always of the utmost importance. One of the best ways to control their health is through what they eat. When we got in touch with Grandma Lucy's, we knew they were a special group of people - but we never expected the generosity they've offered. They are helping us change lives, one dog at a time. Little Angels is beyond excited to start this journey with Grandma Lucy's - and judging by the excitement at dinner time, I think our dogs may be more excited than us! We can never say thank you enough!”

Staff of Little Angels Service Dogs with recipient of a service dog.

Grandma Lucy's will also be naming our very own litter of puppies currently on the road to becoming future service dogs! Each puppy will be named after a character from the Office! We will share monthly updates on the puppies so you can see their journey to becoming service dogs and hopefully meet the families and individuals they will be assisting.

How Can you Help?

You can participate in Project Pet RAK, which stands for random acts of kindness. For every random act of kindness you do post a picture and tag @grandmalucys and we will donate one meal to a rescue, shelter, or charity.  Your random act of kindness can be taking your neighbors dog for a walk, leaving a tennis ball at the dog part, or even sharing your treats with a furry friend and so many more!

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