Grandma Lucy's Meal Journey!

Grandma Lucy's Meal Journey!

Grandma Lucy’s is inviting lucky dogs across the country to take the journey of a lifetime with our Meal Journey! A healthy pet begins with a healthy food, and now dogs have the chance to eat their way to health over the course of 60 meals in 30 days. After Grandma Lucy’s saw the success of our first Meal Journey participants, we are excited to extend this same opportunity to our retailers’ customers by providing them free food for a month and customized nutrition consultation to see the power diet can play. We believe that food is medicine, and solutions to many common ailments pets struggle with can be remedied through a simple change in diet. A Grandma Lucy’s diet can offer benefits like increased energy and vitality, a healthier coat, less itching, better skin, and so much more.

border collie doing agility

Photo Credit: @fluidmotionagility

Pictured above: Trip, Meal Journey participant for 3 Bears 

Our goal is to help pets everywhere live their healthiest lives, and we hope through extending our Meal Journey we can improve the quality of pets’ lives through the power of fresh food. The very first Meal Journey began with the dog who started it all, Lucy. After seeing firsthand the difference fresh food and a whole food diet can make, Grandma Lucy’s set out on the goal to help every pet improve their health bite by bite. Each of Grandma Lucy’s lines offers unique benefits and superfoods to help every pet optimize their health through solution-based feeding.

picture of Lucy, black cocker spaniel laying down

If you have a pet struggling with health issues, or just wanting to give a furry family member their best start in life, Grandma Lucy’s offers a recipe to fit your pet’s needs. Each of our lines has been created to help offer a solution to common ailments and help every pet improve their quality of life. Combining whole food nutrition with the benefits of specially chosen superfoods, each line offers health solutions unique as your pet. If you have a dog suffering from allergies or achy joints who might benefit from Macanna’s turmeric, a dog needing a great source of energy or a low glycemic food who would thrive on Pureformance, or a pup who is just looking for a healthier bowl, Grandma Lucy’s is committed to help.

Whether you have a dog who has issues to remedy, or just a puppy or new dog you want to give the best start, Grandma Lucy’s can help your pet eat their way to health. Grandma Lucy’s invites you and your dog to take the Meal Journey* to see the difference just a month can make! If your dog would like to join our Meal Journey, ask a retailer near you if they are participating in this campaign, or kick off your dog’s meal journey at home with our exclusive online offer.  No matter what your health goals are for your dog, Grandma Lucy’s wants to help. Share your own Meal Journey with us, and be sure to follow along and on social media to see our participants’ journeys and transformations.

*Sponsored Meal Journey participants chosen from select, participating retailers. Visit your local retailer today to see if they are offering the Grandma Lucy's Meal Journey.